Horizon Forbidden West Patch 1.17 Released All Latest!

Guerrilla Games, the creator of the well-known video game Horizon Forbidden West, has just published Patch 1.17, which fixes some issues and adds new functionality to the PlayStation 5 version of the game. In particular, the most recent Horizon Forbidden West update added support for Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and High Refresh Rate (HFR) as well as a new “Balanced” Graphics Mode for the PS5.

The latest patch, Patch 1.17, also contains a number of fixes and upgrades, though those are undoubtedly the most notable features. Notably, a number of issues with main and side quests have been resolved along with a number of crash-related concerns. Horizon Forbidden West on the PS5 is a big release, even if players aren't loving it.

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We are actively investigating a number of problems that the community has brought up. Please be informed that while certain issues have not yet been resolved by this patch, our teams are aware of them and are looking into them.


Both efficiency and stability

many fixes for crashes

Main Missions

  • Fixed a problem where the “Defeat Regalla” goal in the main quest “The Wings of the Ten” was not updating.
  • Fixed a problem where the “Sunwings” would not be present during the “Override a Sunwing” goal in the main quest “The Wings of the Ten.”
  • Fixed a problem where the cinematic with Tilda after the gallery might not have started in the main quest “All That Remains.”
  • Fixed a problem where, occasionally, Dekka would be behind Hekarro's throne during the “Talk to Dekka” objective in the main quest “The Broken Sky.”

Side Missions

  • Fixed a problem where the “Kill Vezreh and His Machine” goal in the side quest “Shadow in the West” was not updating.
  • Fixed a problem where the “Defeat Yarra/Drakka” objective in the side quest “The Gate Of The Vanquished” was not updating.

Regional Activities

  • It was resolved that acquiring the “Gizmo” early in the “Nights of Lights” Errand would impede progress.
  • Fixed instances where the activity would be blocked in Relic Ruin “The Stillsands.”


  • It was resolved that when knocked down, the “Dreadwing” would stay cloaked.
  • Fixed a problem where “Apex Clawstrider Hearts” would appear in the inventory's “Valuables to Sell” section.


  • Fixed a bug where fully upgraded bows' “Elemental Arrows” would destroy canisters rather than explode them.
  • Fixed a problem where foes in the “Brittle” state did not take additional damage from “Elite Precision Arrows” when used with “Irv's Downfall.”


  • Updated language to make it clear that choosing “Ultra Hard” difficulty cannot be altered.
  • When all skills have been unlocked and skill points are accessible, the exclamation point icon has been removed.


  • The inability to loot “Desert Bird Wing” from birds has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the trophy “All Machine Types Scanned” from unlocking when scanning the last machines on NG+.
  • Fixed a problem where pressing R1 would render the “Crouch/Slide” button useless.

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