Honor 70 Vlogging Beast New Markets

Introducing an Industry-first Solo Cut Vlog Mode for Vlogging and delivering impressive photography and videography upgrades

As part of its premium N Series of smartphones, HONOR has now announced the imminent release of the HONOR 70. The new lineup, highlighted by its innovative triple-camera system and symmetrical curved design, features advancements in camera, design, Performance, and functionality and provides users with a robust and luxurious experience.

Solo Cut Vlog Mode, a first in the industry, allows users to film two high-definition films simultaneously. One is a portrait vlog that follows a single subject within a more extensive group video.

SONY IMX800 Camera Sensor and Industry’s First Solo Cut Vlog Mode

They have a 54MP SONY IMX800 Main Camera; the HONOR 70 is the first smartphone to include Sony’s flagship 1/1.49-inch SONY IMX800 camera sensor, which allows for better low-light and nighttime photography. The 50MP Ultra-Wide camera on the HONOR 70 may also be used as a Macro Camera.

Honor 70 Vlogging Beast New Markets
Honor 70 Vlogging Beast New Markets

The HONOR 70 offers 4K video recording at 30fps in regular video recording, bringing incredible videography breakthroughs to help the younger generation achieve their vlogging ambitions.

In the first of its kind, Solo Cut Vlog Mode utilizes Person Autofocus Tracking Technology to let aspiring filmmakers make portrait vlogs. At the touch of a button, users can shift the video’s attention to a new subject.

This innovative function makes it possible to highlight a single individual in a group video using cutting-edge Person Re-Identification and Person Temporal Tracking Technology. This feature allows the camera to refocus automatically on the subject after it has returned to the frame, taking creative vlogging to a new level.

Superb Performance with a Robust 66W HONOR SuperCharge

The HONOR 70 features a single-cell, dual-loop battery designed in-house to maximize slimness while minimizing power loss. Using the bundled charger, users of the HONOR 70 can quickly charge the phone to 60% from 3% in just 20 minutes, thanks to the 66W HONOR Wired SuperCharge technology.

Aesthetic Design Inspired by Symmetrical Geometry and the Craftsmanship of Jewelry

The HONOR 70 maintains the rounded Dual-Ring form of the N Series and adds an axisymmetric camera configuration reminiscent of fine jewelry. The HONOR 70 is an ultra-slim smartphone that weighs only 178g and is 7.91mm thick, making it ideal for carrying in a purse or pocket.

The HONOR 70 comes in a wide variety of gorgeous colors, such as Midnight Black, Crystal Silver, a magnificent Emerald Green, and Icelandic Frost, to appeal to a wide range of fashion-forward consumers.