Hollow Knight Locations Of Every Stag Station

Have you had to get out of here quickly? This is the location of the Stagways that must be unlocked in order to progress through Hollow Knight.

Players will discover a large map in Hollow Knight, despite the fact that Hallownest is a society of insects. Players can use the Knight’s short legs or one of the many other methods to travel the networked paths of Hallowest, but they must first learn to use them.

As players collect enough Essence for the Dream Nail, they have access to quick travel options like the Trams and the Dreamgate. However, the Stagways, a complex network of tunnels that runs over all of Hallownest and was used as trade routes and a means of transit, will be the earliest form of transportation.

By the time of Hollow Knight, the Stagways had been completely forgotten, and their stations had been shut down. Old Stagways can be found and reopened for usage by players that delve into the depths of Hallownest.

How To Unlock The Stagways?

There are 11 Stag Stations hidden around the realm of Hallownest, and players will need to perform some serious adventuring to find them all. Most of these stations can only be accessed after being unlocked using geo, and nearly all of them also feature a bench for players to take a break on. An unlocked Stag Station’s bell will expose players to the Last Stag, which may be used as a means of transportation between other stations.

Hollow Knight
Hollow Knight

If players leave the station platform to chat with him, he will also reveal details about each area. Stagways are associated with two distinct accomplishments. After players have opened up six of the stations, they will receive the “Connection” accomplishment, and after they have opened up all eleven, they will receive the “Hope” achievement.

Where To Find All Stag Stations?

Ancient Basin

Players can get the Monarch Wings by defeating the Broken Vessel in this Ancient Basin. This will enable players to perform a double leap, leading to new avenues of research and maybe the discovery of previously undiscovered shortcuts.

The Palace Grounds are located to the right of the main chamber in the Ancient Basin, below where Conifer the mapmaker and the fountain of the Pale King are situated; however, you will need the Monarch Wings to get there. When you land in this new region via a double jump, head to the right to find the Hidden Station, which requires 300 geos to enter.

City Of Tears – City Storerooms

When you initially enter the City of Tears using the City Crest and start your descent into the city itself, you’ll come across the first of the city’s Stagways. There will be a succession of platforms that can be accessed via a jump sequence before the elevator reaches the ground level of the city, allowing players to explore the area above the ground level before descending into the elevator.

Players must keep moving to the right until they reach an entrance, at which point they can begin making their way upward via a series of rooms and monsters. The doors will lock and a brief battle will commence at the very top, where the players will find a few of Conifer’s documents strewn about. When you’ve finished with the bad guys, head up the stairs to the right, where you’ll discover Conifer and a bench.

If players opted to rescue Zote in Greenpath, the continuing left will take them to a long hallway where he is located, before the corridor opens up into a wider level with multiple platforms and monsters. Following the corridor from the top left of this area will lead you to the Stag Station on the top right, where you can spend 200 geos to gain access.

The City Of Tears – King’s Station

Traveling via the Royal Waterways will lead players to the King’s Station in the city’s second half. A simple key will open the drain cover in the room to the left of the fountain square, allowing access to the Royal Waterways.

Once inside, the players should head left and then continue down until they reach the asymmetrical bench. The trail from here veers off to the right, down, left, down, and then back right again. Small pink crystals on the ground indicate that the player needs to use the Crystal Heart ability to continue.

If the green pipe is visible in the distance, players can use the platforms near the acid pools to ascend and proceed up another shaft to reach the next area. With the Mantis Claw, players can scale the nearby wall to the right and emerge inside the Eternal Emilitia’s chamber. The King’s Station can be found if you leave the room through the door on the far left and turn right once you’re outside. You’ll need 300 geos to reopen the platform in the upper right corner.


The Dirtmouth station is not like the others in that it cannot be entered from the outside. Instead, players must travel to Dirtmouth from another unlocked station on the Stagways before they can access the village proper. By doing so, gamers will have rapid access to the shops put up in Dirtmouth, which is accessible from any station.


Located in the far western part of Deepnest, the Distant Village is home to one of the Dreamers. You’ll find a Stag Station, locked behind a geo lock, in the upper right corner of this ghost town.

Forgotten Crossroads 

Given that the Forgotten Crossroads is the starting point for most players, it stands to reason that this Stag Station will be the first they come upon. It’s possible for adventurers to take a leftward branch just beneath the route that leads to the False Knight. The station can be accessed inside for 50 geo.

Fungal Wastes

Fog Canyon and the Fungal Wastes can be reached from the Queen’s Station. When first arriving, players will find that most of Fog Canyon is inaccessible and will have to descend till they reach the area’s very bottom. Here, players can either head left to visit Millibelle the banker or right to reach the Queen’s Station.

Players can converse to Quirrel upon first arriving, and he’ll fill them in on the Stagways. The platform can be unlocked for use by paying 120 geo in the bottom left corner.


The station in Greenpath is located in the northern centre part of the zone, and getting there requires navigating a zone inhabited by Moss Knights and Moss Chargers. It is suggested that the Stagways be unlocked here before engaging in the boss encounter with Hornet, since this will shorten the player’s travel time significantly.

The arena will be off to the left, and a path going down to another region populated with Squits will be marked by a Stag Station sign. It costs 140 geo to unlock for players.

Queen’s Gardens

Finding your way to the Stag Station through the Queen’s Gardens can be difficult due to the area’s many environmental dangers and shut off walkways. The Queen’s Gardens can be accessed through the Fog Canyon, and either Isma’s Tear or the Shade Cloak will suffice, depending on which route the player takes.

Although challenging, the course is quite linear because of how many doors and tunnels are locked in the beginning. Players who choose to take the scenic path via the Queen’s Gardens will run into a number of new adversaries and familiar faces as they make their way to the Stag Station’s entrance, which is now closed behind a set of iron gates.

To fight Marmu, players must head all the way to the right of the arena. Here, a player can smash through the wall and enter the station by paying 200 Geo.

Resting Grounds

Upon entering the Resting Grounds, the player will have their first interaction with a grave where the Dreamers will try to entrap the Knight in a dream. Afterwards, the Seer will make themselves known and present the Dream Nail to the players as an ancient instrument for gathering Essence.

The next station in the Stagways is located down the second corridor on the opposite side from the Seer’s room. A player need not spend money to open this one, but rather they must pull a lever.

Locating The Stag Nest

If the player has unlocked all of the Stag Stations, the Last Stag will tell the Knight that he has found the Stag Nest, the spot where he was born.

If the player follows his lead, they’ll arrive at the nest, where they’ll find a Vessel Fragment and a hatched egg, as well as a new quick travel point to the Howling Cliffs. The “Hope” achievement is unlocked by discovering the Stag Nest and the egg, suggesting that the stags will continue to exist.

The PC, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch versions of Hollow Knight can all be played.