Hogwarts Legacy Pre-Order Chaos: Fans Left Disappointed as Cancellations Strike!

Hogwarts Legacy Pre-Order: Some players are suddenly having their preorders for Hogwarts Legacy cancelled with just over a month until the game’s release (on PC and next-gen consoles).

Warner Bros. Games is fully aware of the situation, as GGRecon reports that several gamers have taken to Twitter after receiving messages about cancelled preorders. The cancellations, according to the official support account, are due to the delay that was announced last month.

Those who preordered the Digital Deluxe Edition of Hogwarts Legacy on Xbox Series X/S may be experiencing some difficulties due to the delay of the PS4 and Xbox One versions, which are still scheduled for release in February.

“The cancellation is due to the delay of the release of the Xbox One version, which is included in the Digital Deluxe Edition for Xbox Series X/S,” WB Games Support said. If you haven’t already, check your inbox and spam folder for an email about it.

Don’t panic if you’re one of the people who might be affected by this. The preorder page on the website has been updated to read: “Consumers who purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition will receive access to the Xbox One version on 4 April, 2023.”

Hogwarts Legacy Pre-Order
Hogwarts Legacy Pre-Order

The response from the support account further clarified that players will be able to re-purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition. Even though it’s only four days into the new year, plenty of fans have already placed their preorders for the PlayStation 5 version, making it the best selling PS5 game on Amazon.

The release dates for Hogwarts Legacy are February 10 for current-gen consoles and PC, April 4 for older consoles, and July 25 for the Nintendo Switch.

Hogwarts Legacy Takes Steam by Storm as Top-Selling Game

A lot of people around the world are excited for the release of Hogwarts Legacy because it looks like it will be the best video game adaptation of the series yet. We’re approaching the game’s release date in less than a month, and it’s already doing exceptionally well on Steam.

Games like “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” and “FIFA 23” can be found on the widely used PC platform. Despite the presence of these major titles, Hogwarts Legacy has risen to the top of Steam’s best-sellers list.

The free-to-play titles Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Apex Legends are not included here. When compared to other popular pay-to-play games, Hogwarts Legacy now ranks first.

Even though the game isn’t out until February 10, 2023, fans who pre-order the deluxe edition will get to play it a week early. Owners of the deluxe edition will have early access beginning on February 7 (three days earlier than everyone else).

You can also get Hogwarts Legacy from the Epic Games Store, and it has a similar early access period. Those who are fans of Harry Potter will have a special time with Hogwarts Legacy. For the first time in many years, the franchise will get a new AAA release with Hogwarts Legacy.

The Harry Potter world is open for fans to explore using their own custom characters. There’s a huge open world to explore, and you can learn to cast spells and concoct potions.

PS4 owners will also have access to content that will not be seen anywhere else for an entire year. Included in this is the Hunted Hogsmeade Shop, which features a variety of new items such as the Shopkeeper’s Cosmic set, an additional dungeon, and more.

The Harry Potter game from Avalanche Software is just one of many anticipated and exciting titles coming out in 2023. Significant progress has also been made in 2023 on the Steam platform.

Hogwarts Legacy appears to have successfully attracted a sizeable portion of the recently observed 32 million concurrent users.

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