Here 12 Amazing Games You Will Add to Your Wishlist Immediately

Here 12 Amazing Games: It's Black Friday, the day when everyone on Earth loses their minds and goes crazy buying things they don't need at a discount of 5% from the day before. Even though the old moon was working just fine, Earth bought a brand new one this year because this one has Bluetooth.

Let's take our minds off of things by learning about 12 incredible new games. Similar to previous Indiegeddons, I have not played any of these games and therefore cannot recommend them. Instead, I'm compelled to write about them because their appearance intrigues, excites, or frightens me, or because they're just plain weird.

The most helpful thing you can do for the creators is added their game to your wishlist on Steam, even though most of them aren't even released yet.

Unless you're that one person in the greys who feels compelled to tell the universe that he actually thinks they all look terrible, there's bound to be at least one game here that has you checking its release date and wishing it was sooner.

That one of you, we truly feel bad for. True regret. Everyone else, I say, “woo-hoo,” and let's get moving!

Falling Frontier

The next time I see a space-based RTS as awesome as Falling Frontier, I always think, “This will be the one!” Forget the other games; this is the one where I finally get over my phobia of menus! Now I've failed. Then then, maybe this one will be the one.

Falling Frontier
Falling Frontier

It took one person four years to make, although it appears to have been created by a hundred people at Paradox. View those spacecraft explode before your very eyes! It's all about dominating a randomly generated star system through the use of information and reasoning.

Then there's the shipbuilding, enemy raiding, and brilliant space strategy that makes me wish I'd been born smarter.


You, Bill the squirrel, are very skilled at woodworking, and one day you discover an alien infant in your garden. This is a story as old as humanity.

As a result, Bill, you're playing a survival simulation game in which you'll need to build a home for a baby alien and provide for its every need.

And it's all for research into recycling theories! Which are the oddest sales pitch ever, but have all the makings of a cute joke.

We Are Screwed

Read this and try to wrap your head around it: A split-screen couch co-op game for one to four players where you try to keep your spaceship afloat in perilous conditions while seeing the inside and outside at the same time.

We Are Screwed
We Are Screwed

When everything on the ship goes wrong and you're trying to defend yourself from attackers, players can take on any role they like, from captain to janitor. It's a whirlwind of multitasking and disorganisation, or, as I like to put it, a collective failure to work together.


Quartet appears to be an amazingly authentic classic-style JRPG with a novel take on its turn-based battle system. It's true that there are eight figures depicted in the thumbnail up there, but you only use four of them in combat, tagging others in and out as necessary.

You can go through the four storylines in any sequence you like, and in typical Octotraveller fashion, the plots will inevitably entwine as you progress. It's a huge undertaking for such a small staff, but it appears that they're pulling it off.


That guy's no big shot; his noggin' is little. However, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign (which brought in over $30,000), we may all now enjoy the sight of gorgeous young men gazing longingly at one another in Dreambound, a visual novel.

Clearly, this is a case of boy love. In addition to that, the main character Noah must contend with unexplained deaths, dreams that infiltrate reality, and demons from his past in what is shaping out to be a very nicely drawn and written adventure.

Sky Of Tides

Wow, check out that! It seems to occupy the space between RPGs and point-and-click adventures that are rarely visited. In Sky of Tides, we follow Rin as she searches for her missing father and, in the process, tries to save the planet Numen from the brink of a war that has engulfed her advanced technological society. (NUMEN!) It claims that your actions shape your persona as you travel the isometric globe, and I can't wait to put that claim to the test.

sky of tides
sky of tides

Terra Invicta

Away from Earth in the cosmos… Like Stellaris, Terra Invicta is a super-deep space sim, but it has a much more Earth-centric focus. A group of modders most well-known for their work on XCOM: Long War has created this.

After the success of that mod, the developers decided to go commercial, and their first product is Terra Invicta, a space exploration simulation in which you must stop (or help) an alien invasion of Earth. The game has been available in early access for a few months, and thanks to its depth and breadth, it has been receiving rave reviews on Steam.

The Blocks Shoot At You

It's like Arkanoid, except the blocks you destroy fire at you! I don't see why this hasn't taken off already. (I believe you will discover, in fact, that there was an example of this on the Amiga Rupture 3400 in Germany, in the parallel dimension of Raaaaaaa – That Guy.)

Bullet Hell Breakout: The Blocks Shoot At You seems like such a simple concept, but I have never seen it before. This has the makings of a new obsession, at which I will be hopelessly bad.

Phobolis: Bare Your Teeth

It's the best when you can't tell if it's a video-nasty trailer or a classic first-person shooter trailer. That right there is an entire scene. Phobolis is right at home; the trailer starts out looking like a scratchy VHS tape your grandchildren will curse you for watching, before transitioning to a dirty, old-school shooter. The game's alpha test build is available for purchase on Itch for one dollar, or you can wait until the following year when it is scheduled for release.

Space Boat

I know I shouldn't like a game just because it features a space cat detective, but I just can't help myself when it involves a crime on an interstellar cruise ship populated by sentient carpets. You play the role of Domino, the detective cat, and investigate the ship from a third-person perspective as you hunt for a jewel thief. Despite the absurd premise, the first half an hour of the game shown in the video above is presented in a very grounded manner.

Zero Division

There are rules that require me to include a card game in every one of them. The cyberpunk style of Zero Division promises a mashup of Magic: The Gathering and Slay the Spire. Three of the nine playable characters are chosen, and their respective decks of 40 cards are shuffled and dealt to you.

There will be no deck thinning because the number of players on each side is fixed. Woo! The gigantic 3D monsters and robots waving their arms and weapons at each other across the table are what really draws me in. There will be a demo in the spring of '23, and you can count on me to participate.

Extreme Evolution: Drive to Divinity

My grandma always told me to end on a trippy, non-linear, existential platformer. Extreme Evolution: Drive to Divinity was made by Sam Atlas, who also made Space Hole 2020, which was nominated for the 2022 IGF Nuovo.

The trailer for Extreme Evolution gives off an impression of being so gloriously messed up that I fear I will forever associate it with my dreams. Imagine if David Lynch had directed The Lawnmower Man instead. The spider virus, oh my god.

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