The December Update to Halo Infinite Includes a Revamped Pit Map and Custom Game Browser

Halo Infinite: The December update for Halo Infinite has been published, and it brings with it a custom game browser, a revamped version of Halo 3’s The Pit map, and more content than was originally planned.  The new Halo Infinite custom game browser was made to complement the Forge Beta, which was released in November as part of the game’s Winter Update.

It was supposed to be out with Season 3 next year, but developer 343 Industries changed its mind because “we absolutely agree with players who felt [it] should be a priority – it’s a critical support structure for what players create in Forge and a pillar for the community.”

343 notes that the first V1 release will “likely have some rough edges,” but that it will be improved upon in subsequent updates. Empyrean, a “reimagining” of The Pit from Halo 3, has been formally rebuilt in Forge by 343 and is also available in today’s update.

“How can Halo Infinite’s toys, like its limited-use Equipment, modify some of those dynamics and affect how you traverse the combat dance floor?” the developers question in the game’s prologue. “Perhaps the other group got to the rockets first, but you got the Repulsor to defend yourself. We’re excited to see what new traditions emerge from this testing ground!

In addition to these two major updates, 343 has made available to all players the Mark VII, Mark V [B], RAKSHASA, YOROI, and EAGLE STRIKE A Armor Cores, as well as a set of ten Cadet Coatings, to further customise their suits. New player reporting options are available via the scoreboard and the post-game carnage report, and the sandbox mode has been updated.

Three hundred and three says, “This first year of Halo Infinite has been one of many harsh lessons learned.” “But we’re sure that we’ve turned the corner in 2023, and we’re looking forward to bringing you Season 3 and more on a regular cadence that keeps the Halo buzz running all year long.

We’re looking forward to keeping this momentum going, and everyone here at 343 Industries wants to wish you a happy holiday season.

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite

Halo multiplayer map history

Halo 2

  • Launch day: 11 maps
  • 5 months later: 2 free maps, and 2 paid maps ($5), made free 2 months later
  • 7 months later: 5 paid maps ($12), made free 2 months later
  • 2 years, 6 months later: 2 paid maps ($4), made free 3 months later

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Halo 3

  • Launch day: 11 maps, Forge
  • 3 months later: 3 paid maps ($10), made free 3 months later
  • 7 months later: 3 paid maps ($10), reduced price later
  • 10 months later: 1 free map
  • 1 year 7 months later: 3 new maps ($10), reduced price later
  • 2 years later: 3 new maps ($10)

Halo Infinite

  • Launch day: 10 maps (6 exclusive to Arena, 4 exclusives to Big Team)
  • 6 months later: 2 new free maps
  • 1 year later: 2 new free maps (built-in Forge), Forge mode
  • 1 year, 1 month later: 1 new free map (built-in Forge)

In the first year, there were 20 different maps available for Halo 2. There were 18 playable maps in Halo 3. The 14 in Halo: Infinite were more evenly dispersed across the various game styles. No one, veteran or rookie, would be impressed.

Instead of constantly reassuring fans that “this is just the beginning,” a more honest portrayal of Infinite’s troubled development might have prepared them for the fact that it was a minor miracle the game made it to market in a playable state at all, and that 2022 would be a year of trying to catch up.

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