Warthog Wackiness: Funny Halo Infinite Bug Lets You Go Gunner AND Driver!

Halo Infinite Bug: Since its unexpected release in November 2021, Halo Infinite's player count and popularity have steadily declined. Halo Infinite has underwhelmed fans because of bugs, microtransactions, and an inconsistent update schedule.

Still, it's the newest Halo game, and just like with Call of Duty, there will always be players who want to don their Spartan gear and jump into some online matches for the series' signature brand of combat.

By chance, these gamers will record historically significant events, such as a Halo Infinite player achieving a killer city on an unreleased map. However, the game has its share of bugs, much like the connection issues that have Halo Infinite players complaining and talking about leaving.

Halo Infinite Bug
Halo Infinite Bug

Historically, these have been major sources of player frustration, both during the campaign and in multiplayer. However, there are times when these bugs lead to hilarious situations, like when a player was able to drive a Warthog while also controlling the mounted turret.

Reddit user blasto Pete recorded the incident and uploaded it to the social networking site, displaying the peculiar glitch after whatever had triggered it. The cause of the glitch is currently unknown, but the visible effects are clear.

By “driving” around the map and shooting at enemies, Blasto Pete achieves a high kill ratio. Whenever blasto Pete fired their turret, the Warthog's horn would also sound, suggesting that the bug causes the game to think the player is manning both positions simultaneously.

Blasto Pete's odd ability went well beyond the Warthog's normal limits, and while it wasn't quite as powerful as Halo Infinite's tank gun, it was close. Additional background on the odd bug was provided by other Reddit users.

Some players commented that they had experienced the same bug and provided an explanation for why blasto pete's bullets hadn't killed anyone in the clip: the game assumes the player is in the driver's seat and doesn't properly register the bullets being fired.

As a result, the Warthog's turret will perform its animations and sound effects but will cause no damage. Some players enjoyed the bug, while others suggested implementing it into a new game mode where players can all take turns controlling the vehicle and the turret.

While the bug and video are certainly amusing, a new game mode in which players take control of their own Warthogs independently could be a lot of fun.

In the original Halo, players rode together on a mongoose and shot at each other with rockets; perhaps a Warthog game mode will be added to the slayer playlist in Halo Infinite in the future. The campaign for Halo Infinite can now be played on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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