Hades 2 Release Date: Who is the Bad Guy in Hades 2?

Hades 2 Release Date: Hades, a modern classic roguelike developed by Supergiant Games, is getting a sequel. The unexpected reveal of Hades 2 at the 2022 Game Awards enticed gamers with the prospect of exploring the world beyond the Underworld alongside the game’s new heroine, Melino.

There is still a lot of mystery around the game, and there likely will be until early access begins. There is, however, a trailer and some information from Supergiant’s announcement.

Hades 2 Release Date
Hades 2 Release Date

Hades 2 Release Date

Hades 2 has not yet been given a release date by Supergiant. Since the beginning of 2021, it has been working on the game, but the studio claims, “We still have a lot left to build.” The game will likely be available for PC and consoles, though the exact platforms will be revealed closer to the launch date.

Supergiant, however, has confirmed that PC players can get their hands on Hades 2 early. The early access version of Hades 2 can be purchased from both Steam and the Epic Games Store. Supergiant stated that more details about the early access phase would be provided in 2023, but made no guarantees that it would be released in that year.

Who is Melinoë, Princess of the Underworld?

The main character of Hades 2 is a new character named Melino. She is the daughter of Hades and the sister of Zagreus, the protagonist of the original game. She is “an eternal witch and sorceress with tremendous magical skills,” as described by Supergiant.

Melino is another character from Greek mythology that Supergiant has altered to work within its narrative; like Zagreus, he is not an original creation of the company. Linked to the queen of the underworld, Persephone, and the goddess Hecate, she is a nymph or moon goddess known for bringing bad dreams.

Who is the Cool Witch Melinoë Fights in the Trailer?

In other words, you’ve just described Hecate! It’s not verified in the trailer itself, but if you check the credits in the YouTube description, you’ll see that Amelia Tyler is listed as the voice actor for Hecate, alongside Judy Alice Lee as Melinoë. In the Frequently Asked Questions, Supergiant confirms that Hecate will play a significant role.

She is arguably the most significant source of motivation for the witchcraft-themed elements of Hades 2. According to Supergiant, “Hecate, the mysterious goddess of witchcraft and the crossroads, is central to this ancient and often feared and misunderstood discipline.”

“She plays a significant role in classical mythology surrounding Hades and the Underworld, and has been influential and deeply compelling in witchcraft, myth, and folklore in a variety of cultures for thousands of years,” the developers said. “We felt we needed a whole new game to try and do her justice.”

Who is the Villain in Hades 2?

Hades 2 is a continuation of the series, taking place after the events of the original game both in and outside of the Greek underworld. Chronos, the father of Hades and Titan of Time, is the main antagonist.

Chronos has broken free from his confinement in Hades and is now waging war against Olympus; Melino will face him with “the complete might of Olympus” behind him. Supergiant says the sequel will include “a bigger, deeper legendary realm” and “a sweeping story that endlessly emerges via your every setback and accomplishment.”

The teaser and cast list reveal that the game will also feature Moros, the spirit of impending doom; Apollo, the god of light; Nemesis, the goddess of wrath; and a lovely “listless shade” called Dora, who could represent Pandora.

What Will Change in Hades 2’s Gameplay?

Supergiant has been rather quiet on the game’s mechanics, but it seems like it plans to surprise gamers while still working within the original’s framework.

Supergiant promises that returning to the dynamic Underworld will yield “new locales, challenges, upgrade systems, and surprises.” This is a single-player game only, so don’t expect any multiplayer action.

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