Gunblood Cheat Codes: The Ultimate Edge in Gameplay

Reflex-based mechanics and comedic gameplay helped propel Gunblood to popularity. Most people just mess around with the AI, and just a minority actually use the mechanics to get better at shooting.

The makers have included some in-game cheats to increase the comic value of the encounter. From the main menu’s character choice screen, you can quickly use these cheats for a variety of advantages, such as infinite health and ammunition.

Gunblood Cheat Codes: The Ultimate Edge in Gameplay

In the character selection screen’s cheat box, you can activate the following features:

NOHIT Using this cheat will put you in god mode, wherein you will take no damage from enemy fire. The effect is the same as if you had superpowers.
MOREAMMO You start with only six rounds in your handgun, but employing this cheat will grant you access to an endless supply.
POINTER A laser crosshair has been added to your weapon
FASTFIRE To win most fights against the AI, use this trick to make your shooting speed significantly higher
Gunblood Cheat Codes
Gunblood Cheat Codes

Gunblood Level Cheats

Use these cheats to complete the respective levels.

Level Name Cheats
Leve l- 1 LEVEL1
Level – 2 LEVEL2
Level – 3 LEVEL3
Level – 4 LEVEL4
Leve l- 5 LEVEL5
Level – 6 LEVEL6
Leve l- 7 LEVEL7
Leve l- 8 LEVEL8
Level – 9 LEVEL9
Bonus Level – 1 BONUS1
Bonus Level – 2 BONUS2
Bonus Level – 3 BONUS3
Bonus Level – 4 BONUS4

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Frequently asked questions

Who made Gunblood?

Platforms for the Wolfenstein: The Gunblood Wiki Guide are available now. Wolf Games is a Web Game Developer and Publisher. Game of the Wolves

Do cheat codes exist?

In order to advance in older games, players would enter cheat codes, and several newer games have since followed suit. To a considerable extent, cheat codes are no longer used in today's video game industry. Getting a leg up by entering a code feels dishonest in this day of online multiplayer, awards, and trophies.