When Will Guilty Gear Strive Be Available on Xbox Game Pass?

A Set of Guilty Appliances In addition to debuting on Xbox Game Pass Strive will be available this spring as a free-to-play download. Its cross-platform beta period has just ended, and now just the final release remains. Inquiring minds want to know when they may expect to play Strive on Xbox Game Pass.

Guilty Gear Strive Be Available on Xbox
Guilty Gear Strive Be Available on Xbox

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Is there a Guilty Gear Strive Xbox Game Pass Release Date?

The popular fighting game will debut on Xbox Game Pass on day one, while its release date is currently unknown beyond a spring timetable. It allows players on other platforms to interact with one another, so if you’ve been watching someone play on PS5 or PC, now is your chance to jump in.

The 2022 smash hit fighting game was 2021’s Guilty Gear Strive. At EVO 2022, it had the most participants of any game, even more than Street Fighter 5 or Tekken 7. It will be featured prominently at EVO 2023, which runs from March 31st to April 2nd.

Xbox Game Pass members can play Guilty Gear Strive for free, but it will also be available for purchase individually. The pricing has not been determined yet, although it is now selling for $39.99 on the PlayStation Store and Steam, a permanent discount from the game’s original $59.99 price tag. We’re crossing our fingers that the Xbox release will be priced similarly.

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