The Latest GTA Online Update Includes Trippy Drugs and Cool Friends

GTA Online: The city of Los Santos, the setting for Grand Theft Auto Online, is amidst a violent drug war, with a motley group of criminal newcomers at the helm. The six-story objectives in Los Santos Drug Wars serve as the prologue to a larger narrative in GTA Online.

Players will also meet a variety of unique characters. The service is currently active. Dax is a man who has traveled to the state in pursuit of his ambition to sell powerful hallucinogens. For his illegal enterprise in San Andreas to succeed, he will want assistance from more well-established crooks.

Latest GTA Online Update
Latest GTA Online Update

Step forward to the player, who has robbed a high-security casino and fought PMCs at the docks. In Blaine County, you will find Dax and his band, the Fooliganz. Ron, Trevor's longtime friend in the Grand Theft Auto 5 game and a frequent quest giver in GTA Online, will welcome players into the group and act as their guide during their time together.

Players will aid the Fooliganz in establishing their acid lab and running the business by buying stock, plundering the Humane Labs, and wiping off rivals like the Lost. A new fleet of vehicles, updated furnishings, and other minor but significant enhancements to daily life are also included.

To continue the narrative of Drug Wars, Rockstar has hinted at the release of new content in 2023, such as jobs with the Downtown Cab firm and the humbling existence of a taxi driver. You can play Los Santos Drug Wars on the PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox One X.

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