Celebrate the Holidays With the GTA Online Festive Surprise

GTA Online Festive Surprise: Grand Theft Auto Online’s Festive Surprise update features time-sensitive free holiday stuff from Rockstar Games. Grand Theft Auto 5 and its online equivalent are still incredibly popular over a decade after its first release.

The fact that the game is constantly evolving with fresh features, bug fixes, and seasonal events keeps gamers returning to GTA Online’s open-world version of Los Santos. Rockstar has brought a touch of winter to Los Santos for the holidays with the limited-time event Festive Surprise.

Celebrate the Holidays With GTA
Celebrate the Holidays With GTA

In this update, snow has naturally begun to fall in Los Santos, and there are now 25 Snowmen that may be destroyed for cash and a new costume. Be wary of The Gooch, a masked robber who lurks in the shadows and tries to rob unwary players for extra money and a one-of-a-kind Gooch mask if they are defeated.

Additionally, Weazel Plaza has become a popular destination for GTA Online players due to a new event influenced by the film Die Hard that Rockstar has introduced. Players can participate in a gunfight between bank robbers and an LSPD helicopter to not only help recover stolen money but also receive a new weapon and the Season’s Greetings weapon skin for the Pistol Mk II, which can be installed at any Weapons Workshop.

To celebrate the holiday season, Rockstar is also providing free content for use in GTA Online. Over the next week, gamers that check in to the game will be rewarded with a set of goods, one of which is a Candy Cane that seems big enough to be a combat weapon. Rockstar says other supplies and accessories will also be free, but they don’t specify what they might be.

Though the holiday-themed content and bonuses to playlists like Races, Acid Lab, and Beast vs. Slasher will be well received by players, most are still waiting for Rockstar’s next title, Grand Theft Auto 6. Even a recent Rockstar teaser trailer hasn’t stopped fans from looking for hints of upcoming content.

A description in a yet-to-be-released GTA Online item called the Downtown Cab Co. Revere Collar has led some fans to believe they had stumbled upon a potential GTA 6 locale. This may be all wishful thinking on the part of the fans, but Rockstar isn’t likely to confirm anything at this point. You can now play GTA Online on your PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X/S.

The Candy Cane and More Festive Surprise Gifts

This year, Santa went above and beyond the call of duty. The Candy Cane and other holiday chaos-inducing supplies and accessories are waiting for you in your account when you log in any time this week.

2X GTA$ on Acid Lab Sell Missions

Assisting Dax and the Fooliganz in their battle against the hippies and The Lost MC is just the beginning: To finish Acid Lab, you must find and steal necessary supplies, then manufacture and disperse powerful psychedelics to the masses. Gain two times as much Grand Theft Auto cash by selling Missions.

3X GTA$ and RP on Beast vs. Slasher

It’s an old story: a group of supernatural Beasts must use their wits and speed to escape from a group of Slashers. Until December 28th, no matter who wins or loses in the holiday-themed Beast vs. Slasher, they both get Triple Rewards.

2X GTA$ and RP on Races

Envision yourself finishing the race several seconds ahead of the pack, your heart racing and your ears ringing with the sound of victory. Do you get a good feeling from it? Now is your chance to double your money and experience on all Rockstar-made, Rockstar-verified, and Community Series Races for a week.

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