Unlock GTA Online Dax Mission Rewards in Record Time – No Cooldown Required!

GTA Online Dax: In Grand Theft Auto Online, players have discovered a simple method to bypass the Dax Missions’ cooldown period. Over the next two weeks, the number of Fooligan Jobs completed will determine the level of rewards earned.

Upon completing the First Dose mission in GTA Online, players will have Dax’s contact information permanently saved. However, there is typically downtime between assignments. Grand Theft Auto Online players aren’t known for their patience or calm under pressure, especially in the final moments of a match.

No one should wait too long to get their hands on these exclusive items. Some players have figured out a fast and easy way to complete Dax Missions and get their hands on the rewards.

GTA Online Dax Mission
GTA Online Dax Mission

YouTuber uncovered a way to circumvent GTA Online’s Dax Mission cooldown

Before starting another Dax phone task, players must wait 48 minutes. They must accomplish multiple missions to gain bonus goodies. One YouTuber bypassed these limits.

Gtamen found a way to bypass the cooldown. His video contained the following:

  • Complete any Dax phone mission
  • Set a spawn point to the LS Car Meet and switch to another session
  • Alternatively, players can also travel there in person
  • Test drive any of the three vehicles on display
  • Once inside the test track, players should give Dax a call
  • A menu will open up, allowing players to “Request Work.”
  • Make sure to keep the menu open while driving outside the test track
  • Click on “Exit LS Car Meet”
  • Press it a second time

GTA Online users can now start Dax tasks without a cooldown. Gtamen says if players are assigned an unfair duty, like the crop duster mission, they should repeat the process mentioned earlier.

This will make it easier to collect all the rewards

Players can receive bonuses for completing Dax phone objectives through January 10. The Fooligan Job benefits in the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars update are as follows:

  • Completing one job will reward players with Ice Vinyl and Ice Vinyl Cut jackets.
  • Completing ten jobs will reward players with Black and White Bigness Ski masks.
  • Completing 25 jobs will reward players with the LS Smoking Jacket.

Ten jobs will earn Acid Lab $250,000. This prize won’t expire in two weeks, unlike the others. The improvement speeds up GTA Online output.

Yellow SN Rooster Revere Collar party shirt is limited-time only. Players obtain one after upgrading. Therefore, they must complete ten jobs.

When can players expect their rewards?

Rockstar said GTA Online gamers would get incentives after January 10. New clothes will arrive in 72 hours. After the event, GTA Online users can wear it. It’s still early. Gtamen’s approach speeds up Dax’s phone missions.

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