GTA 6 Hacks Alert Players Advised Not to Play Until Fixed

In the past few days, the PC version of GTA Online has been subjected to some of the most dangerous hacks and exploits that the platform has ever seen. This has caused the game to become unplayable for many players.

This latest wave of GTA Online hacks, which is purportedly being driven by the GTA 5 source code breach that occurred in 2022, is on an altogether different level than the previous waves of GTA Online hacks, which have been an ongoing and annoying issue for years.

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There are a number of potential outcomes that could take place if players log in without using a firewall. They run the risk of having all of their statistics completely changed, having their accounts banned, having their data corrupted, and having their personal computer affected by an especially aggressive cheat engine.

Avoid Taking Any Risks at All Costs

After the news that a new wave of exploits and hacks had been discovered made its way onto Twitter, users quickly began encouraging other gamers not to even attempt to log into GTA Online. Hacks known as “partial remote code execution” are already making the rounds, and players are reporting receiving mod menus that grant them the ability to change multiple crucial facets of the game.

GTA 6 Hacks
GTA 6 Hacks

Rockstar’s security personnel are fully involved and working hard on the matter at hand, according to the source who tweets under the handle @TezFunz2 on Twitter; still, fans are anxious, and there is good reason for their anxiety. The source code for Grand Theft Auto 5 was taken and released last year, which is considered to be one of the most significant security breaches in the history of gaming. Additionally, almost 100 GB of content from the planned GTA 6 project was also taken.

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The past several years have not been easy for Rockstar Games in any capacity, and this is not limited to the Grand Theft Auto series of video games. Fans have leveled accusations against the developer over the course of the past year, saying that the company has finally abandoned a large chunk of the community in order to avoid putting any further value into the Red Dead Online platform.

Players who access GTA Online from their personal computers should either make the investment in a robust firewall or refrain from playing the game altogether until this worrisome scenario has been resolved.

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Frequently asked questions

Did the GTA 6 Leaker go to jail?

The teen was "remanded" to a juvenile facility. Last week, there was a huge hack against Rockstar Games, and the suspect was detained four days ago in connection with that and a related hack against Uber.

What did the hacker do to GTA 6?

According to reports, the hacker is also blackmailing Rockstar Games by threatening to release the complete source code for Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto VI. Anyone in possession of the source code might theoretically create a pirated and potentially altered version of the game.