Grimm Hollow Knight Troupe Quest Guide

Learn everything you need to know about Hollow Knight‘s Grimm Troupe quest right here! On October 26, 2017, three downloadable content packs for Hollow Knight were published. One of these was titled The Grimm Troupe. There was a brand-new side mission with brand-new bosses, foes, characters, and Charms to find.

This walkthrough will explain all you need to know about this quest, from starting it to finishing it, including the various paths you can follow and the consequences of each.

Summoning The Grimm Troupe

For this quest’s first step, you’ll need to travel to the Howling Cliffs and smash through the two walls seen above (one of which is labeled with an arrow):

Once inside the Howling Cliffs, you’ll want to climb up to the upper one and drop down to where the lower arrow is pointing. A corridor will be on your right when you break the second wall. The “corpse of a huge bug” is wedged into a crevice near a more substantial torch further down the room. In your nightmare, you go to nail the body and then return to the lit lamp. Hitting the torch’s blazer will start it burning and complete the task.

Grimmchild and Grimkin Novices/Masters 

Dirtmouth has two tents on the far left after you complete the Grimm Troupe quest. The Grimpchild Charm can be obtained from Troupe Master Grimm, who lives in the largest of the three. The Grimmchild, a little bat-like monster, is summoned by this Charm. It will immediately attack foes and battle by your side.

After defeating Grimmkin Novices, special foes hidden throughout Hallownest whose locations are revealed only with the Grimmchild equipped, Grimm gives you the responsibility of upgrading the Grimmchild with the three flames you’ve collected. Gather the three flames and report back to Grimm.

After enhancing the Grimmchild, he’ll give you a mission to acquire three additional flames from more powerful Grimmkin Masters. This will start the boss fight against Troupe Master Grimm. When you finally put him down, the Grimmchild will receive its final upgrade, and you’ll unlock the final part of the ritual, as well as the Grand Performance accomplishment and a Charm Notch as a gift.

The Grimalkin Nightmares and Nightmare King Grimm

When you’ve defeated Grimm, Hallownest will have four flames instead of three. These conflagrations stand in for the much more dangerous Grimkin Nightmares. Brumm, a member of the Grimm Troupe, will appear in Deepnest alongside the Grimkin Nightmares. After you speak with him, he’ll hand over the torch and advise you to go back to the place “where it all began.”

Then, you’ll be given a choice between two alternatives. You can either follow Brumm’s advice and go back to where you started the quest to permanently banish the Grimm Troupe by destroying the Nightmare Lantern, thereby completing the ritual and granting you the fully-powered Grimmchild and the Ritual achievement, or you can return to the Grimm Troupe and Dream Nail the sleeping Grimm to face Nightmare King Grimm.

The Grimm Troupe can no longer be expelled if you leave the room before extinguishing the lantern entirely and then returning. In place of the Grimmchild, an NPC named Nymm in Dirtmouth will grant you the Carefree Melody Charm if you decide to expel the Troupe.

Divine and Unbreakable Charms

An NPC by the name of Divine resides in the tent right next to the one where Grimm is hiding out. If you approach her while carrying any of the three Fragile Charms, she will consume them. This includes Fragile Greed, Fragile Heart, and Fragile Strength. Fortunately, this is to everyone’s advantage because the Charms will be Unbreakable once she returns them.

The only catch is that they are prohibitively costly to purchase. Totaling 36,000 Geo, the price of “Unbreakable Greed” is 9,000 Geo, “Unbreakable Heart” is 12,000 Geo, and “Unbreakable Strength” is 15,000. If you manage to vanquish Nightmare King Grimm before upgrading all of the Fragile Charms, she will wait for you there.

If, however, you decide to expel the Grimm Troupe before upgrading them all, you will lose any Fragile Charms you granted her and will never obtain the Unbreakable Charms.