Will Grand Theft Auto 6 Only Be Available on the Ps5?

Grand Theft Auto 6: There’s a new kind of antagonism in the community as the release date of GTA 6 gets closer to being disclosed. A lot of people are wondering if GTA 6 will be PS5-only since the PS5 has been so much more successful than the Xbox Series X.

It’s not unthinkable, especially in light of the console’s background. But if you don’t have a PS5, should you be concerned? Can you play Grand Theft Auto 6 as soon as it comes out, or not? Okay, then, let’s find out!

GTA 6 Release PS5: All You Need to Know

In order to resolve the issue of which platforms may run GTA 6, we have reviewed the release schedules, leaks, and other relevant information for all of the major GTA games. If you don’t feel like reading the whole thing, you may use the table below to get to the conclusion.

Rockstar Games Platform Support

First, we’ll take a look at Rockstar Games (the creators of GTA 6) and other notable releases. This will help us determine whether or not GTA 6 will be PS5-exclusive and how the developers manage platform exclusivity in general.

Game Release Platform Ported Platforms
GTA 3 Windows macOS, Android, iOS, Fire OS
Max Payne 2 Windows Xbox, PS2
GTA Vice City PS2 Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Fire OS
GTA San Andreas PS2, Windows, Xbox macOS, iOS, Android, Fire OS, PS3, Xbox 350
GTA 4 PS3, Xbox 360 Windows
Red Dead Redemption PS3, Xbox 360
Max Payne 3 PS3, Xbox 360 Windows, macOS
GTA 5 PS3, Xbox 360 PS4, Xbox One, Windows, PS5, Xbox X/S
Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4, Xbox One Windows, Stadia

With the exception of RDR1, no other current Rockstar Games title has made it to any of the other main platforms of the same generation. Although Rockstar titles are typically released first on consoles, PC players eventually get a more polished version a year or two later. Furthermore, since GTA Vice City came out, there has been no PlayStation-exclusive instalment in the series.

Deal Between Sony and Rockstar Games

There has been no official word on which platforms Grand Theft Auto 6 will launch for initially. Although, oddly, in 2020, Foxy, a well-known GTA leaker, tweeted about a contract between Sony and Rockstar Games.

The tweet implies that the cooperation stems from Grand Theft Auto VI, which would place it in the wake of the release of the PS5 version of GTA 5. None of the partnership’s specifics was ever disclosed. Since this is the case, drawing any conclusions about the outcomes of the same is challenging.

However, Rockstar Games is unlikely to negotiate an exclusive contract for GTA 6 to be available just on PS5 because of the franchise’s massive fan base. Not to mention, the era of platform-exclusive games appears to be over, since games like Marvel’s Spider-Man have become non-exclusive.

The official GTA 6 guide has confirmed that the game will contain a map that might be expanded with DLCs. According to the terms of the agreement, Sony will receive some downloadable content and maps for Grand Theft Auto 6 before anyone else. At the moment, however, the prospect of an exclusive release seems too good to be true.

Is the PlayStation 5 going to get Grand Theft Auto 6?

Rockstar Games’ previous patterns of release indicate that their next major title will launch for the current-gen consoles. Later, it will be ported to Windows and other major operating systems (if any).

As a result, Grand Theft Auto VI will definitely be available for the PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox One X/S, as well as Windows 10 and Windows 11. As of yet, though, there has been no formal word, and things could change in a heartbeat. It’s wise, then, to maintain an unbiased perspective.

GTA 6 on PS4 and Xbox One

Given that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be released on all current-gen consoles, attention may shift to the consoles of yesteryear. The Grand Theft Auto 5 video game has been stable on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Regrettably, Grand Theft Auto 6 may never make it to either of these consoles.

GTA 6 is Not Exclusive to PS5

Whether or if it is an exclusive, Grand Theft Auto VI will shake things up significantly. The recently released concept trailer for GTA 6 confirms this, while also providing a taste of what the game’s potential next-gen visuals would be like. So, where will you be when GTA 6 comes out, and how will you be playing it? Do share your thoughts in the section below!

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