Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.26 Will Be Released with New Cars and Other Features

Gran Turismo 7 Update: New cars and other content have been added to Gran Turismo 7 by developer Polyphony Digital in patch 1.26 (PS5 version 1.260). Read on for details on the November 24 patch for Gran Turismo 7 that has been released.

Gran Turismo 7 Update: Main Features Implemented

  • Cars

Four new vehicles have been included, and they are as follows: 

1. BMW M2 Competition ’18

A hard-boiled FR with the devil’s power tucked away in its tiny frame. Popular as a high-performance rear-wheel drive compact is the BMW 2 Series Coupe. In the BMW M2 Competition, you’ll find the same 3.0L ‘S55’ twin-turbo inline-6 engine that powers the M3 and M4.

The striking exterior design will be the first thing that catches the eye. The appearance is the very embodiment of speed, with its bulging over fenders. Although it’s shorter in length than the E36 M3, at 4,475 mm it’s around the same size. The car gives the driver a wonderful feeling of control, whether they are driving in the city or out on the twisting backroads.

The maximum power from the S55 engine is 404 bhp, and it offers a maximum torque of 56.1 km. With a high-revving performance that stands out even when compared to BMW’s lengthy history of top-tier inline-6 engines, explosive power becomes apparent as the boost increases.

2. Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth ’87 (Purchasable at ‘Used Cars:

A touring car masterpiece tuned by Cosworth that dominated the sport. From 1982 on, Ford Europe produced the Sierra, a relatively conventional family car with an aerodynamic hatchback body. However, Sierra’s reputation among automotive aficionados took a major turn in 1985.

This was due to the addition of the Sierra RS Cosworth, better known as the “Cossie” among enthusiasts, which was made possible by the renowned Cosworth. The Sierra RS Cosworth had a 203-horsepower, 2.4-liter inline-four powered by double-overhead cams and a turbocharger.

Additional fender extensions and a massive rear spoiler were added to the exterior, and the chassis was beefed up. The following year, its output was bumped up to 223 BHP, and a limited run of 500 Sierra RS 500 Cosworth models was released, each with an engine designed specifically for racing and improved aerodynamics.

All these upgrades, of course, were made for touring car racing. From 1988 to 1990, the Sierra took home several international Group A series titles in countries like Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

3. Nissan Silvia K’s Aero (S14) ’96 (Purchasable at ‘Used Cars’)

The S14 Premium adds a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a spoiler to the back of the vehicle. Nissan introduced the S14 Silvia in October 1993 as the follow-up to the immensely popular S13 model, and with its new, roomier body, aimed to repeat its popularity. The S14 now measures 1,730 mm in width, up from the S13’s 1,690 mm, and the track width has been enlarged to match.

The latest version is 30 mm longer, measuring in at 4,500 mm, and 5 mm higher, standing in at 1,295 mm, providing a larger overall body. The car’s width is emphasised even though it has softer lines than the rest of the body. The K-s model came standard with a set of 16-inch wheels.

The motor is a tuned SR20 from the S13. The highest-quality K’s model has an intercooler turbocharger and generates 216 BHP/28 km, which is 14 BHP more than the previous generation, while the Q’s and J’s models generate 157 BHP/19.2 km via natural aspiration.

The front suspension is similar to the S13’s struts, and the rear suspension is similar to the S13’s multilink setup. A ‘Super HICAS’ electronic rear-wheel steering system was also an option for the vehicle. Nissan introduced a model with a complete makeover in 1996. For a more aggressive and eye-catching appearance, the exterior was given scowling headlights and a big genuine spoiler.

Gran Turismo Red Bull X2019 25th Anniversary (Obtainable from the ‘Gran Turismo 25th Anniversary’ banner at the top right of the World Map between 24 November and 3 January)

  • Tracks

Included now is the “Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta” circuit.

  • World Map

To mark the 25th anniversary of the Gran Turismo series, several new events and a themed map have been added. For more information, see the related announcement, titled “Announcing the ‘Gran Turismo 25th Anniversary’ and ‘World Finals’ Celebration Campaigns! for more information.

  • Brand Central

An all-new European DS Automobiles Museum component has been introduced (France.)

  • Used Cars

There is now a “Car Valuation Service” section. For more information, see the “Car Valuation Service” section of the user manual. After completing the game and watching the final scene of Menu Book No. 39 (‘Championship: World GT Series,’) the ‘Car Valuation Service’ will become available.

  • Cafe

To the Extra Menus, we’ve added the two new options below:

  • Extra Menu No. 12: ‘Collection: Renault’ (Collector Level 31 and above)
  • Extra Menu No. 13: ‘Collection: Nissan Skyline GT-R’ (Collector Level 40 and above)

When Menu Book No. 39 (‘Championship: World GT Series’) has been completed and the credits have rolled, new Extra Menus will become available.

  • World Circuits

The following new events have been added to ‘World Circuits’:

  • Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta

Race of Turbo Sportscars

Total Length: 4,088m, Elevation Change: 38m, Number of corners: 12, Longest Straight: 1275m. North of Braselton, Georgia, is the historic Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta, which opened in 1970. Renowned for hosting touring car and prototype car races, it is also the scene of the 10-hour ‘Petit Le Man’s endurance race.

The compact track and steep elevation changes provide for several blind corners where drivers must carefully assess their overtaking locations; this is a tricky race with a sequence of flowing high-speed turns that necessitate full-throttle acceleration and forceful braking.

American FR Challenge 550

Gr.1 Prototype Series

  • Brands Hatch

European FR Challenge 550

  • Willow Springs Raceway

Historic Sports Car Masters

  • Scapes

The ‘Road Atlanta’ and ‘Illumination’ locations have been added as featured Curations in Scapes.

  • GT Auto

The Real Car Paint section of the Paint Shop now has 23 additional colour options.

  • Multiplayer

The lobby now supports both Qualifying and Grid Start.

  • Showcase

The Discover page now contains a ‘Popular Users’ subcategory;

In the details tab of any piece of User Generated Content, you can now see a list of players who have ‘Liked’ or “Reposted” that piece of content;

The playlist now includes seasonal selections.

  • Options

It is now possible to calibrate a handbrake controller under [Options] > [Controller] > [Steering Controller Settings].

It is now possible to set race functions for the push button dials on the THRUSTMASTER® T-GT by selecting ‘Other Buttons’ on the bottom left of the [Controller] > [Steering Controller Settings] screen.

It is now possible to set race functions for the control stick buttons on the Fanatec® GT DD Pro by selecting ‘Other Buttons’ on the bottom left of the [Controller] > [Steering Controller Settings] screen.

Other Improvements and Adjustments

  • Physics Simulation Model

Adjusted the initial downforce values for the following cars:

Super Formula Dallara SF19 Super Formula / Honda ’19

Super Formula Dallara SF19 Super Formula / Toyota ’19

  • Race Screen

Fixed an issue where pit-in options like tyre menus wouldn’t show up if “Show Race Info” was set to “Off” in “Display Settings.”

  • Showcase

The ‘Content Type’ function has been changed from a dropdown menu to buttons. This also applies to the gallery function on ‘My Page.’

  • Penalty Line

For the following routes, we’ve moved the Penalty Line a bit closer to the action:

Deep Forest Raceway – Reverse

Trial Mountain Circuit – Reverse

  • Braking Areas

The braking areas on Trial Mountain have been adjusted.

  • Sound

Correction made so that rain sounds now play correctly during rewinds;

Sound effects for specific vehicles’ motors have been fine-tuned.

  • Localisation

Fixed various text localisation issues.

This concludes the patch notes. The seventh instalment in the Gran Turismo series is available for purchase on the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles. Input: Gran Turismo