Leaked Google Pixel Roadmap Phones Until 2025

Google Pixel Roadmap Phones: Recent smartphones have given Google a much-needed boost. Despite being plagued by bugs, the Pixel 6 series was the most popular smartphone for the company. According to all indications, the Pixel 7 series will soon become the market leader.

The Pixel 7a and Pixel 8 series have already been the subject of leaks. Still, Android Authority has just published the mother of all leaks: a study that details every smartphone Google intends to release between 2023 and 2025.

At the Google I/O in April or May of 2023, Google is expected to introduce the Pixel 7a (codenamed “lynx”) and the Pixel Fold (codenamed “Felix”). The Pixel 7a, Google's reported upcoming midrange smartphone, aims to address some of the complaints voiced about the Pixel 6a (90hz display instead of 60).

Google Pixel Roadmap
Google Pixel Roadmap

In a blind camera test conducted by MKBHD, the Pixel 6a's camera came out on top, beating both the Pixel 7 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro. The Google Pixel 8 series will debut later in 2023. The base model Pixel 8 will be smaller than the Pixel 7, but the Pixel 8 Pro will be the same size as the Pixel 7 Pro.

The Pixel 8 series is anticipated to include hardware specifications not dissimilar to those of the Pixel 7 series, with the notable exception of updated Tensor G3 chipsets. Although the Pixel 8a is planned for release in 2024, Google may switch to a biannual release schedule based on the success of the Pixel 7a.

When it does arrive, the Pixel 8a will likely cost $499, an increase of $50 over the price of the Pixel 8 smartphone it replaces. The Pixel 9 series will consist of three different devices: the Pixel 9 (which is expected to keep the same size as the Pixel 8), the Pixel 9 Pro (with a screen of 6.7′′ in size), and a third Pro-level device with a 6.3′′ screen and all the features of the larger Pro.

The concept is that Google will try to mimic Apple; the new 6.3-inch phone is meant to represent the company's iPhone Pro, while the 6.7-inch device is intended to represent the Pro Max. Of course, all three cutting-edge gadgets will include the Tensor G4 system-on-chip. There will also be a brand-new foldable in 2024, though details are sketchy.

The company may decide to go in a different direction in 2025 based on its strategy's success (or lack thereof) in 2023 and 2024. Google has been “toying” with the idea of a foldable smartphone, and if it ever comes to fruition, it will join the three slab Pixels of that year for a release in the fall of 2025. (there will still be three of them, like in 2024).

If the flip phone doesn't market, then Google will release four regular Pixels in small, medium, and large sizes and a Pro version.

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