Users Of The New Google Pixel 7 Pro Have Complained Of Scrolling Difficulties!

Google Pixel 7 Pro has been hinted at for the past six months, but today they were officially announced. Even though we gave these phones a passing rating in our reviews, not everything seems to be working as it should. At maximum brightness, for instance, we discovered that the Google Pixel 7 Pro’s display consumed significantly more power than that of competing devices.

Another screen-related issue appears to be impacting some devices. There have been reports of the Pro model’s touchscreen displaying wildly erratic behavior, especially when scrolling. Reddit users who recently purchased a Pixel 7 Pro have complained about display problems. A Reddit user explains how awkward the scrolling is for them.

Sometimes you’ll fly through more area and quicker than you thought possible, and other times you’ll hardly get any further than your thumb would allow. More customers have chimed in, noting identical issues that stand out in stark contrast to the performance of their previous phones.

In some ways, we can confirm these results. Two of our editors have reported that their scrolling has become uneven. It’s difficult to pinpoint the source of the issue at hand, but our initial assessment is that it’s not as dire as has been reported. There appears to have been some sort of adjustment made to the touchscreen calibration between the new Pixels and the Pixel 7 and earlier Pixel phones; the new phones appear to be more responsive to subtle and rapid input.

Google Pixel 7 Pro
Google Pixel 7 Pro

There’s a good chance that this is due in part to the 120Hz refresh rate allowed by the 7 Pro’s display, as many customers are upgrading from devices with a lower refresh rate. In addition to a higher refresh rate, this may also result in a distinct visual and tactile experience during scrolling, which may alter the user’s impression of the response time of the feature.

Some reports have also surfaced concerning the smaller Pixel 7, however, we haven’t been able to verify these. The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro were probably confused with one another, leaving it unclear which device was intended.

Many happy customers have reported that their issues have been resolved after updating their phones’ operating systems. For the best experience with your new phone, we advise downloading and installing the initial update as soon as possible, as well as any available updates for Google apps.

We have asked Google to comment on the situation.