Google Pixel 7 Pro Specifications Have Leaked Online

The most recent Google Pixel 7 Pro specifications sheet, obtained from a Taiwanese mobile carrier, confirms previously rumored features such as face and fingerprint unlocking and 5X optical zoom. In addition to the rumored 50 MP primary camera and 12 MP ultrawide camera found on the “vanilla” Pixel 7, a new 48 MP telephoto lens is also in the works.

The leaks from the mobile carrier market have begun to appear as the release date of the Google Pixel 7 lineup draws near, and they have proven to be entirely accurate in the past. In this case, the Pixel 7 Pro's specs sheet and the vanilla variants have been leaked by a source at a Taiwanese mobile carrier.

The Google Pixel 7 Pro has been certified to comply with the IP68 standard for resistance to the elements. It features a 6.7-inch QHD 120 Hz display, a Google Tensor G2 processor, 12/128-256 GB of memory/storage, wired and wireless charging support, and more.

Moreover, the leaked specifications sheet reveals that the Pixel 7 Pro's 48 MP 5X optical zoom lens is used for its exclusive camera feature, Macro Focus, which allows for macro photography. This complete camera for the Pixel 7 Pro joins the 50 MP + 12 MP (primary + ultrawide) pair that is expected to be standard on the regular Pixel 7. As opposed to the 20X maximum combined zoom offered by the Pixel 6 Pro, the Pixel 7 Pro is expected to provide even more.

The leaked features of the Google Pixel 7 are not unexpected in the least: it will have the same processor as the Pixel 7 Pro, 8/128-256 GB of memory/storage, wired and wireless charging, an IP68 rating, a face, and fingerprint unlock system, a maximum zoom of 8X, Real Tone, and Movie Motion Blur (both also available for the Pro, obviously). Unsurprisingly, the Pixel 7's security chip is the updated Tensor 2.

The Pixel 7 series and Pixel Watch are expected to be announced on October 6, so the above specifications are likely for the final, retail-ready Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 7.