Google Photos Is Finally Coming To Chromebooks

Google is giving Chromebook users a sneak peek at a variety of new personalization and productivity tools that will roll out in the coming months, including an updated video editor inside Google Photos.

For a long time, Google Photos has provided simple film creation tools, including the ability to easily create themed movies by choosing photographs and other elements. Making “high-quality movies with just a few touches” is now a focus of this experience’s redesign for Chromebooks. Still accessible are the alternatives with a theme:

Google Photos will create a movie with both video clips and still images when you choose a theme and the subjects (even pets!) you want to highlight. Even from your lengthy videos, makes a smart choice of the most important parts.

Additionally, Google Photos offers a “create your own movie from scratch” option where you can manually arrange everything while highlighting its robust search features.

A timeline is located at the bottom of a widescreen UI that fills the whole screen. A control panel on the right of the screen allows you to change the brightness and contrast, add filters, and add a title card. It also has numerous Material You buttons and other embellishments. Additionally, you can alter the aspect ratio and add music and clip trimming.

This fall, the Google Photos app will get a redesigned movie editor, but it will first be available on Chromebooks.

On the subject of productivity, Google today gave a peek at the PDF editing features that will be added to the Gallery app. These features will allow users to fill out forms, sign documents, highlight text, and add additional text comments. In addition to the time, battery life, and Wi-Fi connection status, the date is now displayed in the bottom right corner of your screen.

You can easily tap through the events in the monthly Google Calendar view that appears after you tap it. A list of alerts will appear directly above this widget while it is open. An update will similarly group alerts from the same sender and use larger buttons. Next week, these modifications will begin to take effect.

In August (version 104) ChromeOS is also becoming more individualized with the addition of the option to set wallpapers from your Google Photos library via a redesigned Wallpaper & style app. You can choose an album, and it will change your background every day.

Using one of the new screensaver photo frames, you may also watch your favorite photos drift over your screen or sway in the breeze.

Last but not least, ChromeOS will now have system-level bright and dark themes that affect every aspect of the operating system.

As an added bonus, some brand-new wallpapers were created for both themes, so your background will also subtly change from bright to dark.

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