Google Messages Will Soon Allow You to Respond to Messages Using Any Emoji

Google Messages Will Soon Allow You to Respond to Messages: Rather than having to type out a long response to someone’s message, you may simply use an emoji instead. You can express your approval by sending a thumbs-up emoji, or your shock by sending an open-mouthed one.

The current set of emojis available in Google Messages consists of the thumbs up/down icon, a smiley face with hearty eyes, tears of joy, an open mouth, a crying face, and an angry face. You can only respond to messages in an RCS conversation with the seven emojis displayed when you long press on the conversation.

However, things will change shortly as Google Messages is supposedly testing and rolling out full emoji reaction capability to some users. This means you can respond to an RCS communication with any emoji available on your Samsung or other Android devices.

Users have noticed a “plus” icon in the pill-shaped “Chat message” box, which, when tapped, reveals the complete emoji selection. It’s much less of a hassle to find the specific emoji you want because they’re all sorted neatly into different groups.

Google messages will soon allow Replies
Google messages will soon allow Replies

And if you tap the emoji button that sits next to the microphone in the message box, the identical window will pop up. Only a small number of users have reported receiving the emoji reactions functionality in Google Messages with the current beta update.

This means it hasn’t been implemented universally just yet. Best of all, this works for both RCS and SMS, so you can respond to messages with full emojis.

If you want to make sure you have the latest beta version of Google Messages and that it hasn’t been released before you check the Play Store, then you can’t be sure the feature isn’t available on your Galaxy or other Android devices. Those interested in giving it a try can sign up to be a beta tester for Google Messages.

How to react to SMS and RCS messages with emoji

In Google Messages, replying to a message is simple. This is the procedure:

  1. In Google Messages, find any message thread and open it.
  2. Choose a received message and long-tap it.
  3. Tap one of the emojis that appear in the pop-up window.

Seven emoji are available for selection in the pop-up window:

  • Thumbs up
  • Heart eyes
  • Laughing crying face
  • Eyes and mouth wide open
  • Worried
  • Angry
  • Thumbs down

What does your reaction look like to the recipient?

If you receive a text message from a Google Messages user, RCS user, or SMS user, you can respond to them in Google Messages. It will appear the same from your end, with the emoji at the bottom right corner of the message as the final outcome.

Those who are communicating with you using RCS will also enjoy a sleek user interface. Whichever emoji you select will be displayed in the response’s bottom corner. In the case of SMS users, such as an iPhone sending a message to an Android user, the recipient will receive a completely new message expressing the reaction.

When you respond to an SMS with a thumbs up, for instance, the sender will receive a new message in their inbox that says. While not ideal, until SMS is no longer an option, there is little that can be done to improve the user interface.

Because of its age, the messaging standard can’t handle any data that isn’t conveyed in a text message. Reactions in Google Messages are a convenient way to use instant replies within the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Android ever be able to react to text messages?

With the Messages app, it’s easy to respond to a text message: To “like” or respond with an emoji to a message, tap and hold on to it. Pick an expression to express your feelings. The thumbs-up emoji is the go-to expression of approval in most situations.

Why can’t I react to WhatsApp messages with Emojis?

The most recent version of the WhatsApp mobile app may be downloaded here, or updated here. Keep in mind that the WhatsApp update that includes emoji reactions is still being rolled out on the back end, so you may not see them immediately. Ensure that everyone on WhatsApp has access to emoji responses, it may take a few weeks.

Which is better Samsung Messages or Google Messages?

When it comes to messaging apps, more features mean better, and Samsung Messages has plenty. They both offer a wide variety of messaging options. All of the possibilities are laid out in the table of images below. Google Messages supports 12 of the 15 features, while Samsung Messages supports 13 and an additional 2 with the help of other Samsung apps.

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