Google Chrome Update Is a Material U-Style Colour Theme for Desktops

Google Chrome Update: When you open a new tab in the most recent Canary version of Google Chrome, the browser will choose a colour scheme that complements your background. 

Reddit user u/Leopeva64-2 discovered this new functionality and demonstrated how changing the wallpaper on a new tab will immediately reflect that colour scheme in the browser’s address bar and user interface. You could previously alter Chrome’s colour palette manually, but this streamlines the process.

Google Chrome Update is also Available on Windows.

Available on Mac, Windows and Linux as well as Google’s ChromeOS and Fuchsia operating systems, the functionality enables “adjusting the theme colour based on the background picture colour when the background image is changed in the new tab page,” As stated by Google’s software.

In Chrome Canary build 110 (exactly 110.0.5418.0), we were able to activate the “Customize Chrome Color Extraction” feature to try it out. Chrome looked best against brighter wallpapers, but darker wallpapers turned the browser’s UI a murky black, brown, or grey, which wasn’t much of an improvement over the default colour scheme.

While we were successful in making it work using one of Google’s provided wallpapers, we were unable to make the automated colour theming feature take effect when we used a picture of our own. Whether this is a flaw or intentional behaviour is not evident.

Google Chrome Update
Google Chrome Update

Like Android’s Material You, which adapts the OS’s colour scheme based on what it finds in your home screen wallpaper, this function works by analysing the colours present in the image. Google has added the theming option to a number of its Android apps since it first appeared in Android 12 and further developed it in Android 13 this year.

Android Police, however, notes that this appears to be the first time Google has released such a function on a platform other than its own. By default, this function is disabled. You’ll need to enable the “chrome:/flags/# customise-chrome-colour-extraction” flag instead.

Open a new tab in Chrome once it’s activated, then click the pen icon in the tab’s lower right corner. From there, you may choose a new background to see its hues replicated across Chrome. When you set a wallpaper, the colours will follow you as you navigate the web in different tabs.

There’s no indication of if or when the feature will get a wider distribution, but since it’s only available as an opt-in on Google Chrome’s Canary build (the earliest beta version of its software), we wouldn’t anticipate it to gain a widespread release for at least a few months.

Frequently Asked Questions for Google Chrome Update 

What is updating Chrome?

Google Chrome may be set to auto-update whenever a new version is released, protecting you from known vulnerabilities. The browser’s visual style may occasionally alter as a result of these upgrades. Technology based on the Android Operating System, the iPhone, and the iPad.

What type of information is Google Chrome?

Chrome, created by Google, is a browser that works on multiple platforms. Built with open-source tools like Apple’s WebKit and Mozilla’s Firefox, it made its debut in 2008 on Microsoft Windows. Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android all use it as their default browser once it was ported to those platforms.

Are Google Chrome updates safe?

It is generally safe to update Chrome.

Why does Chrome need to be updated all the time?

Chrome’s automatic updates make maintaining your security a breeze. In this way, you can be assured that you’re always using the most up-to-date protections and patches.