Kenny Atkinson, Nets

According to Mark Stein of The New York Times, Golden State warriors are actively exploring ways to create the necessary flexibility to keep Damion Lee’s two-way guards in the roster after his 45 days at the NBA level.

The warriors “made it clear” that they want Lee to be on the list next season, but they hope that they will not lose him too long this season.

Bilateral players such as Lee and his point guard Kai Bowman can only play for the NBA team for 45 days. Gaming days and training days count to a 45-day total, although travel days no longer have.

Lee and Bowman were forced to act early due to Steven Curry injuries and an additional defender need after signing Marquese Chriss and abandoning Alfonso McKinney before the start of the season.

Lee was impressive this season, convincingly proving the need for constant rotation and making the most of his opportunities. Outstanding Louisville and Drexel players played 32 Warrior games last season (also as a two-way player), but played a smaller role.

This time he scores an average of 12.2 points, 5.4 rebounds and 2.2 assists in 20 games, seven of which were starting ones. Lee shoots 37.5% of the depth and 88.1% of the foul line.

The young man had a 22-point 15-rebound victory in the victory over the Houston Rockets, and he followed him with a 16-point eighth rebound in the victory over the Phoenix Sans, and then completed his 18-point, 12-ricochet performance in Lost Dallas Mavericks last week.

Warriors are no longer as full of injuries as they were at the start of the season, but they will need to create a list of participants to sign Lee into a full deal. Golden State tried to reduce the number of training sessions to give Damion Lee and Kai Bowman extra days to stay with the team and break away from the 45 days they had with the Warriors.