God of War Ragnarok Has Sold 5.1 Million Copies in Its First Week on Sale

God of War Ragnarok Has Sold 5.1 Million Copies: God of War Ragnarok is off to a flying start, having sold 5.1m copies in its first week – making it officially the fastest-selling first-party PlayStation title to date.

PlayStation Studios head Herman Hulst shared the news on Twitter, thanking fans and congratulating God of War Ragnarok developer Sony Santa Monica for its “amazing achievement”.

We already knew God of War Ragnarok was doing the numbers, of course – it set the day-one sales record for the franchise here in the UK – but Hulst’s announcement confirmed it had also set a first-week sales record for the series around the world.

By way of comparison, Ragnarok’s immediate predecessor shifted 3.1m copies in its first three days back in 2018, beating out the previous record held by God of War 3 in 2010.

If you’re wondering how all this compares to Sony’s other big franchises, God of War Ragnarok takes the fastest-selling first-party PlayStation game mantle from The Last of Us Part 2, which earned the title back in June 2020.

It’s a well-deserved success for God of War Ragnarok, which Eurogamer’s Chris Tapsell called “gargantuan, excessive, and wonderfully absurd” in his Recommended review.

Sadly, those hoping for more Ragnarok after its success could be disappointed: director Eric Williams recently told fans he “wouldn’t count on” there being DLC. But at least there’s still a Photo Mode to look forward to.

Final Words

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Santa Monica Studio revealed that God of War: Ragnarok sold 5.1 million units in its first week (five days), making it the fastest-selling first-party launch title in PlayStation history.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many copies did God of War Ragnarok sell?

At number 5.1 million, God of War: Ragnarok is the best-selling PlayStation game of all time. The first week’s sales of God of War: Ragnarok on PS4 and PS5 systems shattered previous records.

How many copies did God of War have?

Commercially, the game was a success, selling over 5 million copies in the first month after release and 23 million copies by November 2022, making it the best-selling PlayStation 4 game and the best-selling game in the franchise.

Is God of War Ragnarok will be the last game?

Ragnarok is the final instalment in the Norse mythology-themed God of War series. It was confirmed by YouTuber Kaptain Kuba in a podcast interview, as reported by Gamingdope.

How old is Kratos?

Atreus will be 14 years old by the time Ragnarok occurs, given Fimbulwinter lasted three years. The additional years might be added to the 1,050-year estimate, placing Kratos’ age in God of War: Ragnarok somewhere near 1,064.

Is Kratos the god of?

In ancient Greece, KRATOS (Cratus) represented the god or embodied spirit (daimon) of power, authority, and might. Together with his three siblings, Nike (Victory), Bia (Force), and Zelos (Rivalry), he served as one of the heavenly guardians of Zeus’ throne.