God of War PC Nominated for Game of the Year and Outstanding Story Rich Game at Steam Awards!

God of War PC: The PC version of God of War has been recognized with two prestigious Steam Awards nominations, one of which is Outstanding Story-Rich Game. This is a tremendous accomplishment for the game, which came out early in 2021 for both the PlayStation and the personal computer platforms.

Santa Monica Studios is responsible for creating the critically acclaimed third-person action-adventure game God of War, and Sony Interactive Entertainment is the game’s publisher. The game’s protagonist, Kratos, is a Spartan warrior who used to be the god of war.

He sets out on a journey to save his son, Atreus. While traveling with Atreus, Kratos must fight various enemies, including gods and monsters, while also instructing Atreus on how to become a warrior in his own right.

The game has received acclaim for its stunning visuals, intense and satisfying gameplay, and compelling narrative. The game has also received a lot of praise for incorporating Norse mythology, which serves as the ideal backdrop for Kratos’s journey of self-discovery and development. This aspect of the game has received a lot of praise.

The nomination for the award for Outstanding Story-Rich Game that God of War received is well deserved because the game tells an emotionally powerful and engaging story. The fact that this game conceals many mysteries, riddles, and side quests contributes to the overall enjoyment of playing it.

God of War PC
God of War PC

Outstanding Visual Style is the other award that God of War has been considered for and nominated for. The breathtaking art direction of the game, which combines Norse mythology with breathtaking visuals, brings the world of God of War to a new level of realism and immersion.

The game also includes some of the most impressive animations and cutscenes seen in a video game, contributing to its overall success in bringing its characters and story to life. God of War is a fantastic video game that deserves all the acclaim that has been showered upon it.

If you haven’t already, you absolutely should, and the fact that it was nominated for two Steam Awards is sufficient evidence of the quality of the product.

Outstanding Story-Rich Game

God of War PC is a storydriven game that follows the journey of Kratos and his son Atreus as they battle the Norse gods and monsters.

The game’s narrative is tightly woven by its stellar voiceacting, beautiful visuals, and captivating soundtrack. The story is full of twists and turns and keeps players hooked until the end.

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Most Fun with a Machine

God of War PC provides an immersive and intense gaming experience. The game’s combat system is fastpaced and satisfying, and the puzzles are cleverly designed to challenge players.

The game also features a variety of weapons and tools, which players can upgrade to become even more powerful. The game’s visuals are stunning, and the graphics are a testament to the game’s quality.


God of War PC is a fantastic game worthy of its nominations for Outstanding StoryRich Game and Most Fun with a Machine. Its captivating narrative, engaging combat system, and stunning visuals make it a mustplay for an unforgettable gaming experience.

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