Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game Will Be Released on Meta Quest 2

In two weeks, on October 16, Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game, a new virtual reality experience set in the Stellaris universe, will be released on Meta Quest 2.

This week, Fast Travel Games and Windswept Interactive revealed that their next virtual reality game, Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game, will be available on March 23. This game, developed in collaboration with Paradox Interactive, puts you in the role of captain so you may experience the thrill of exploring the galaxy and fighting for your survival in a hostile environment firsthand.

It offers fans and newcomers to the franchise distinct perspectives on its setting. Soon, the game will be available for Meta Quest 2, but in the meantime, you may learn more about it by reading on. Check out the latest trailer given below.

Captains of Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game encounter alien races, fight terrible creatures, and participate in fierce interstellar conflicts. Use virtual reality to explore the cosmos in this action roguelike.

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Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game
                                                      Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game

In Stellaris, you pilot your spacecraft through the galaxy in quest of the mysterious Ghost Signal, encountering and possibly befriending various alien species. Engage in fast-paced space battles, meet planet-sized animals, and collect important loot for your study. There are always uncharted territories to explore on each trip.

  • Interstellar Space Battles: When facing enemy armadas, utilize Aurora’s whole arsenal. Power-ups like freeze rays, atomic missiles, or dragon companions can be looted or bought.
  • A Universe Full Of Wonders: Play as the captain of the Aurora as you explore strange species’ home planets and abandoned temples in search of a puzzling signal that seems to defy even death.
  • Upgrade & Customize: Research several tech trees and scan strange creatures for the logbook. Captains can search abandoned ships of other players in asynchronous multiplayer for riches.
  • A Never-Ending Journey: Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game has daily challenges with global and local leaderboards to climb in addition to its story mode, where randomly generated maps make each session new.

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