Complete Rundown of Genshin Redeem Code and Their Usage

Genshin Redeem Code: 3.3 Livestream codes and other Genshin Impact gift codes redeemable in late November and early December can be found below. Genshin Impact codes are a great way to get free Primogems, Mora, and leveling materials, so it's best to use them whenever possible.

The expiration dates on different Genshin Impact codes vary; some are valid for a few weeks, while Livestream codes are only good for a few hours. We've compiled a current list of codes and an estimate for Livestream 3.4 regulations.

Genshin Redeem Code
Genshin Redeem Code

Genshin Impact active codes  

On November 25th, Hoyoverse released a new batch of Livestream codes. They will be up and running until the 25th of November (the same day! 11 PM, UTC -5.

To put that in perspective, those in the United Kingdom or mainland Europe have until four or five in the morning, while those in the United States have until the evening.

Please find below the Livestream codes for Genshin Impact Version 3.3:

  • 8ARAU6FNBNPV – 100 Primogems, ten Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • NS8BD6EPS77Z – 100 Primogems, five Heroes Wit
  • ET9SUPENB765 – 100 Primogems, 50,000 Mora

The following code is semi-permanent and works periodically. If you’ve already redeemed it, it’s worth trying again in a few months, as you may be able to get another reward:

  • GENSHINGIFT – 50 Primogems, three Hero Wit

Genshin Impact Livestream 3.4 codes

During each of their Twitch and YouTube live streams, HoYoverse gives away a total of three codes, each worth 300 Primogems. You'll need to act quickly, as these codes will expire a few hours after the live stream ends. Don't worry if you missed the last live stream; there will be another one about a week to ten days before the next update.

We can expect the Genshin Impact Livestream 3.4 codes on or around December 30 based on the current update and Livestream schedule (Friday, almost two weeks before the update). You should watch for the formal proclamation.

How to redeem Genshin Impact codes 

Gift redemption pages can be found on the official website for Genshin Impact codes. Log in to your Hoyoverse account, then enter the redemption code and click the redeem button after making sure you're on the right regional server and have the correct character's nickname selected (both of which should be pre-filled if you're already logged in).

See the “More” link in the main menu for the redemption page if you can't find it. In-game mail in Genshin Impact is used to deliver rewards after they have been redeemed in a web browser. Make sure to claim your rewards from in-game mail before their expiration date (usually one month after being sent).

Expired Genshin Impact redemption codes

Your coupon may have already expired if it is not working. Here is a list of recently defunct codes for your perusal:

  • 6SP942Z3XVWH
  • 3B6RYY7AHX9D
  • 2BP9HY6BYFR5

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