Get Ready for Exciting New Events in Genshin Impact Version 3.5: Leaked Details Revealed

Genshin Impact has leaked the full schedule of upcoming events for Version 3.5, which includes the return of some fan favorites. HoYoverse just released Version 3.4 of its wildly popular role-playing game, which had the return of the famous “Lantern Rite” event and the introduction of two new playable characters.

In addition, the Desert of Hadramaveth was added to Sumeru as a significant expansion of the desert in this version. Players may taste what’s coming in the upcoming Version 3.5. HoYoverse has already provided players hints about the forthcoming Genshin Impact upgrade, even though Version 3.4 was released just this week.

Genshin Impact Version 3.5
Genshin Impact Version 3.5

The developer announced that Dehya and Mika would be added to the RPG in the next update. It has also been revealed that Kokomi, Sara, and Eula will be added to the Genius Invokation TCG in Version 3.5. Recently, a leak has detailed every significant change coming in Version 3.5.

A prominent leaker for Genshin Impact (Leak), Genshin Intel, has issued an update detailing all the new content in the game’s upcoming update. The much-loved Windblume event is coming back in Patch 3.5, inviting players back for the Mondstadt festival and providing them with a claymore that is only available during the event.

The “Shroom Tower Defense” event will feature a return of the beloved mushroom allies from Version 3.2’s “Fabulous Fungi Frenzy” event. Minor updates to Vibro-Crystal Research and Spices from the West will also be included in version 3.5.

The RPG’s next major update, Version 3.5, will include several exciting features, as hinted at in the overview. In the upcoming 3.5 patch, players can expect to see Kaeya, Dainsleif, and a brand new character called “Eide” in the next part of the Archon Quest.

In the latest update, version 3.5, Faruzan, the game’s most unique playable character, will star in a new hangout event. Alice, Klee’s enigmatic mother, is said to make a cameo in Version 3.5. However, it is unclear in what capacity she appears.

Genshin Impact has had content from future updates leak, and now the next round of leaks is from Version 3.5. Both the human form of Cloud Retainer and Kaveh, two new characters who were said to be introduced in upcoming patches, had their appearances or abilities leaked ahead of time.

Even character drawings for the Fontaine cast members in Genshin Impact’s upcoming region have leaked early. Recent leaks from Genshin Impact indicate that the following few updates for HoYoverse will be packed with content for the game’s fanbase.

PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 (sale), and mobile devices may all play Genshin Impact right now. The Switch version is in the works.

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