Gears of War Goes Card Crazy: Get Ready for the Ultimate Battle in a Brand-New Game!

Gears of War: A Gears of War-themed collectible card game is in the works, with Steamforged Games, The Coalition, and Microsoft all pitching in. Fans are excited to hear that the game is coming out in 2023 while they wait for The Coalition to announce the sequel to Gears 5.

Gears 5, the series’ final main installment, will be released this year. In the same year, fans got the middling mobile RTS Gears Pop, and in 2020 they got the X-Com-style Gears Tactics, but since then there hasn’t been much to whet their appetites.

In spite of the fact that the current rate of Gears of War releases suggests that Gears 6 might be announced soon, many fans anticipate a protracted development cycle due to The Coalition’s blog post outlining a transition to Unreal Engine 5 for its future projects in 2021.

Gears of War
Gears of War

Meanwhile, a new platform for the Gears of War series is on the way. Steamforged Games, designers of the role-playing game Dark Souls, and the board game Horizon: Zero Dawn, announced on Twitter that Gears of War: The Card Game will be released in 2023.

Fans have reason to be optimistic despite the lack of information about the game’s genre, rule sets, or pricing models, given Steamforged Games‘ track record of successfully adapting video games to the tabletop.

The news arrives on the heels of Netflix’s announcement, which was made two months prior, also pertaining to Gears of War.

Speculation persists that the recent increase in Gears of War content—including the announcement of a live-action movie and an animated series—points to the development of a new main entry in the series.

Whether or not Gears of War 6 is revealed to the public in 2023, as The Coalition’s first release using the incredibly powerful Unreal Engine 5, it will undoubtedly set a new bar for fidelity in the industry.

While they aren’t for everyone, licensed card games are a great way to breathe new life into familiar franchises.

Positive reactions to Steamforged Games’ previous works and the expanded Gears of War canon it gets to draw from are good indicators that Gears of War: The Card Game will have the depth and balance to stand on its own. Gears 5 can be purchased now for the PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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