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Garreg Mach Meets Fire Emblem Engage Spaniel

Garreg Mach Meets Fire Emblem Engage Spaniel

Garreg Mach Meets Fire Emblem Engage Spaniel

Garreg Mach Meets Fire Emblem Engage Spaniel: The release date of Fire Emblem Engage has been set for January 20. And on Thursday, a trailer revealed Somniel, a verdant floating fortress where you and your allies can relax between battles. The protagonist of the trailer, who sports a Colgate-awesome mane of red and blue hair, dashes through the lush landscape of Somniel, highlighting various enjoyable pursuits.

Fun antics like riding Wyverns, buying new clothes and having your fortune told can be expected, as can the return of tried-and-true Fire Emblem staples like eating together and fishing as a group. Somniel has numerous locations ideal for conducting drills before a battle.

Garreg Mach Meets Fire Emblem Engage Spaniel

You can equip yourself with weapons and shields in the game’s plaza. A new mechanic that allows players to increase their stats is the ring room, where they can keep their rings and make their own.

Battle it out in the arena or take on a series of challenges in the Tower of Trials to level up. The most crucial aspect of Somniel is the abundance of opportunities to bond with your allies through shared experiences, such as eating (many) meals at Café Terrace to increase their stats.

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The two of you can fish, exercise, read fortunes, fly around on a Wyvern, and complete a course simultaneously (of course). Animals you find on your travels can be brought back to a farmyard where they can be cared for (the trailer shows a cat mingling with a donkey, a beagle, and a camel).

Sommie, a very adorable creature, has “been here since time immemorial,” and it bestows good fortune to those nice to it. The trailer also showcased the game’s flashy personalization options, such as the ability to buy clothes and accessories like different shades for both you and your allies.

You can also take a break by taking a nap in your massive, dreary bedroom, but be warned that a cute ally might wake you up, much like the villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons might if they decided to visit your house.

Fans of the Fire Emblem series know how much time is spent idly chatting with friends and engaging in other amusing activities between battles. Players in Fire Emblem: Three Houses explored the sacred grounds of Garreg Mach Monastery, spending activity points cooking fish skewers and eating what felt like 17 meals a day with students to forge bonds before heading into battle.

You could go sword fighting with Felix at the practice grounds, take Dorothea (and her silly little hat) to choir practice, or try to wake Lindhart from a nap. Even in the most recent Fire Emblem game, a musou take, players had the option of having tea parties, going on rides, and cleaning the classroom while their students rested.

Despite the inevitable conclusion on the battlefield, I look forward to getting to know the new allies in Fire Emblem Engage and going on silly adventures with them.

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