Game Receives “Overwhelmingly Good Reviews” on Steam With Huge 90% off Sale

The Steam user rating for Inside by Playdead is “Overwhelmingly Positive,” The game is now 90% off. If you haven’t tried this somber indie game yet, here is your chance to get it for one of the lowest prices it’s ever seen on PC. There isn’t much time left for fans to take advantage of this offer on Steam.

Playdead, renowned for their work on the famous titles Play Dead and Dying Light, created the 2D puzzle platformer Inside. Inside is the follow-up to the developer’s earlier game, Limbo, which utilized similar mechanics.

The 2D monochrome sprites of Limbo are contrasted by the 3D models and bright colors of Inside, both of which communicate a minimalistic, clinical aesthetic. Both of Playdead’s games did exceptionally well upon their initial releases and are still held in high regard today.

Game Receives "Overwhelmingly Good Reviews" on Steam
                                                         Game Receives “Overwhelmingly Good Reviews” on Steam

Inside, an ambient puzzle platformer is currently discounted by 90% on Steam, matching the all-time low price of last September. You may take advantage of this exclusive offer from today and running until Friday, March 16, 2023. The game, previously $19.99, is now only USD 2, making it an incredible bargain and a fantastic chance for players to try it.

Inside’s predecessor, Limbo, also benefits from the sale, going from $10 to $1 (a 90% discount). If gamers haven’t tried either game yet and want to save money, they can purchase a bundle that includes both titles for a 10% discount, or about USD 2.70.

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There isn’t much information about Playdead, an independent developer, or its upcoming project. The only known details are that it will be set in a 3D environment experienced from a third-person perspective and that Unreal Engine 5 will be used for its creation.

If you like Playdead’s last two games and want something similar, you should check out Cocoon, designed by Playdead’s previous game’s gameplay creator, Jeppe Carlsen. In addition, Dino Patti, formerly of Playdead, is a co-founder of Jumpship, the studio responsible for the Xbox console-exclusive puzzle platformer Sommerville.

PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One users can now experience Inside.

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