New “Fortnite X My Hero Academia” Trailer Is Here!

Fortnite X My Hero Academia: Fortnite’s collaboration with the My Hero Academia anime has resulted in the addition of playable characters Izuku “Deku” Midoriya, Ochaco Uraraka, All Might, and Katsuki Bakugo.

There is a wide array of My Hero Academia–themed cosmetics and in-game abilities made available thanks to this partnership. A scrappy young boy named Deku is the focus of My Hero Academia. He enrolls at U.A., a prestigious high school for aspiring superheroes.

Superpowers, or “Quirks” as they are called in the program, are commonplace in this universe. All Might, a superhero in the vein of Superman, possesses one of the most potent Quirks, One For All.

Fortnite X My Hero Academia
Fortnite X My Hero Academia

In Fortnite, you’ll unlock the ability to use the Deku Smash and the One For All Quirk, allowing you to obliterate entire structures. Finding the All Might Supply Drops or using the My Hero Academia Vending Machines are the only ways to get your hands on the item.

The number of anime characters that have made cameos in Fortnite, including Deku and his pals, is rapidly expanding. Characters like Itachi Uchiha and Orochimaru, in addition to Naruto and the rest of Team 7, have signed on to the cast.

Legendary fighter Goku also made an appearance, and a Kamehameha-off was included so players could kill each other in the game. More and more characters from the anime universe are appearing in Fortnite.

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My Hero Academia, adapted from the manga, is a highly regarded current anime series. Based on a world where superheroes exist, My Hero tells the story of Izuku Midoriya, aka Deku, as he attends U.A.

High, where he is mentored by the legendary hero All Might and studies alongside his archenemy Bakugo, his new friend Uraraka, and the rest of Class 1-A. To put it briefly, there are many parallels to Sky High.

But it’s a good show with recognizable characters, and it’s neat to see it join the ranks of other Fortnite crossovers like Dragon Ball and Naruto. As a fan of Shonen Jump, I’m also crossing my fingers that more of those shows make it here.

Launching right now is a unique crossover event between My Hero Academia and Fortnite. Until December 29th, 2022, you can participate in these limited-time quests.

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