Firewall Ultra: The Next Level of VR Gaming for PSVR2

Firewall Ultra will be available for the PlayStation VR2. The upcoming VR first-person shooter is a sequel to Firewall: Zero Hour, and it’s receiving a bit of an upgrade as it goes to PS5 by making use of the brand-new PSVR2 capabilities.

According to Frank Marm, the community manager for Firewall, “Firewall Ultra makes use of new PlayStation VR 2 Sense Technology capabilities like eye tracking, which allows you to intuitively swap guns and bring up HUD indicators through cameras incorporated into the PSVR 2 headgear.”

Firewall Ultra: The Next Level of VR Gaming for PSVR2

Sony’s PlayStation VR2 will be introduced in the first few months of 2023, and it will feature numerous improvements over the first PSVR.

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In addition to its eye-tracking capabilities, the PSVR2 features an OLED display with a resolution of 2000×2040 for each eye, a refresh rate of up to 120hz, and a field of view of 110 degrees. That’s in addition to the fact that the new VR controllers with haptic feedback look very amazing.

It also appears that First Contact Entertainment intends to take advantage of the Firewall Ultra headset’s higher resolution and more realistic sound effects in their upcoming game, Firewall Ultra.

Firewall Ultra
Firewall Ultra

Since PSVR 2 provides a considerably better level of visual quality with 4K HDR, we’ve fully redesigned all character models, stated Marm. We’ve added new features and updated the look of the maps as well.

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Taking place 5 years after the events of the original game, this sequel has an abundance of new environments and contractors, as well as weapons and equipment that allow for “far deeper” customization.

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Frequently asked questions

Is VR required for firewall zero hour?

If you want to play the PS4 version of this game, you'll need a PlayStation VR headset and a PlayStation Camera. Some people get nauseated from playing virtual reality games because they simulate movement.

How much does a PS5 VR 2 cost?

Breaking PSVR 2 news (Updated December 12)
Sony has announced the release date of PlayStation VR2 will be February 22. There will be a $549.99 (£529.99, €599.99, AU$879.95) price tag. Instructions for reserving a PlayStation VR2 system are provided below.