Zelkov and Merrin: The Hottest New Characters in Fire Emblem Engage!

Fire Emblem: Two new playable characters in Fire Emblem Engage have been previewed in a new video shared by Nintendo and Intelligent Systems.

These two Fire Emblem Engage characters, along with Alear, the game’s protagonist, can be recruited by the player to serve in a variety of capacities within the player’s army.

Less than a week remains until the Japanese release of Fire Emblem, and the official Fire Emblem Twitter account has been sharing plenty of previews about the game’s characters and gameplay, giving fans a brief insight into who they are and what they do.

These are the canon character biographies for the playable characters in Fire Emblem Engage, complete with information such as their name, kingdom, a few interesting tidbits, voice actor, and personality type.

Fire Emblem
Fire Emblem

Tweets typically feature a supporting conversation and a clip of them playing their class’s role. Two of these playable characters, Zelkov and Merrin, have been the focus of recent previews shared on the official account.

The information provided by Zelkov indicates that he is both a royal soldier for Elusia and Ivy’s retainer. It’s also implied that he’s the type of person who keeps to himself and is so detail-oriented that everything he says comes across as deep and philosophical.

But the reassuring conversation he has with Alear plays with this, revealing that Zelkov enjoys a wide range of activities, none of which appear to have any greater significance than providing Zelkov with a sense of personal fulfillment.

Zelkov chooses the Thief prestige class because he wants to be fast, use daggers, and be able to open locked chests and doors without a key. Merrin, the other main character, is a royal soldier in the kingdom of Solm and is portrayed as a dashing and refined knight.

She looks very much like Dimitri from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, right down to the fur coat and stylish clothing. Her first playable character is the Wolf Knight, a playable character type that debuted in Fire Emblem.

She is highly mobile, an expert with daggers, and rides a wolf into battle. In a conversation of mutual support with her liege, Timerra, Merrin reveals that she left her village to become a knight and met Timerra, who was also riding a wolf.

The Japanese voice actors for Zelkov (Yu Taniguchi) and Merrin (Nanako Mori) are credited in their respective biographies. Fans are getting a lot of information released from the Japanese side to stir up hype, including a nine-minute overview trailer for Engage, as the game’s release date draws near.

Despite Fire Emblem Engage being one of Nintendo’s most anticipated releases of the year, the Western fandom hasn’t been so fortunate, receiving less marketing for the game. Starting on January 20, 2023, Nintendo Switch owners can start playing Fire Emblem Engage.

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