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Fire Emblem Engage New Game Plus Challenge Three Houses

Fire Emblem Engage New Game Plus Challenge Three Houses

Fire Emblem Engage New Game Plus Challenge Three Houses

The Fire Emblem games have a reputation for putting players up against impossible odds in tactical battles. Players in Fire Emblem Engage take on the role of the Divine Dragon and fight against the Corrupted.

If the game features a New Game Plus mode, you can use your leveled-up characters from your initial playtime in a second playthrough on a more challenging difficulty setting. Find out if Fire Emblem Engage has a New Game Plus mode, and how to access it, right here!

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Fire Emblem Engage allows for a New Game Plus playthrough, correct?

We can confirm that there will be no New Game Plus option in Fire Emblem Engage once the main story is completed. Instead, once you’ve completed Engage, your only options are to start a new game on a different difficulty level and decide between the Classic and Casual modes.

Fans of Fire Emblem: Three Houses may be disappointed to learn that the game does not support the New Game Plus mode, which would allow them to obtain rare items and leverage their previously earned progress from a previous playthrough.

This, however, is not always guaranteed to be the case. An updated version of Engage featuring a New Game Plus mode would give players more reason to try out the game on a harder setting.

Fire Emblem Engage New Game Plus

Until the devs start talking about it on social media, we wouldn’t want any Fire Emblem Engage player to get their hopes up. If more of the game’s downloadable content (DLC) becomes available, we might get a better look.

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The current status is still negative. We’re crossing our fingers that the devs have a New Game Plus mode in the works for a future update. We hope to see more challenging encounters added to this mode, as well as improved incentives for doing so.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Engage have New Game Plus?

Assault on the Citadel: Fire Emblem For the time being, New Game Plus is not accessible on Engage. This mode has appeared in previous Fire Emblem games, therefore its omission from Engage seems puzzling. A player's progress from their initial playtime is saved in New Game Plus, allowing them to play through the game again with their saved data intact.

How do you trigger New Game Plus?

Defeating the game's final boss in the Black Omen dungeon is a prerequisite for accessing New Game Plus. Once the last boss has been vanquished and the credits have rolled, the system should be reset. This will enable "New Game +" on the Load Game screen.

What is the point in New Game Plus?

After completing a game for the first time, some games provide an unlocked mode called New Game+ (NG+), which allows the player to begin a second playthrough with additional content or game mechanics unavailable during the initial playing.




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