Final Fantasy Xvi Release Date Was Revealed during the Game Awards in 2022

Final Fantasy XVI Release Date: The next installment in the storied Final Fantasy series will be out on June 22, 2023. This was announced alongside a new gameplay trailer for the game, named “Revenge,” which was also shown at The Game Awards 2022.

This trailer shows comparable gameplay to what has been shown before, but with a longer look at some of the sequences. The new clip provides a peek at the gods dueling in real-time, which has been a major focus of the marketing for the game due to their importance in the story and gameplay.

Final Fantasy XVI Release Date
Final Fantasy XVI Release Date

Two different versions of the game, costing $70 and $80, maybe pre-ordered now from the PlayStation Store. The PS5 will have an exclusive release of Final Fantasy XVI for a limited period. A PC version may be released in the future.

Fans are anticipating a fantastic role-playing experience thanks to the game’s director, Naoki Yoshida, the man behind the critically acclaimed MMO spin-off Final Fantasy XIV.

As a brand-new installment in the Final Fantasy series, 2023’s Final Fantasy XVI will be eagerly anticipated by fans. A trailer for the game was published at The Game Awards 2022, providing a look at the game’s story and exploration.

The announcement trailer for the game also provides fans with a longer and more in-depth look at several of the game’s cutscenes. The marketing for Final Fantasy XVI has centered on the game’s summons and gods due to their significance in both the story and gameplay.

The new clip even featured the gods fighting each other in real-time, one of the game’s most intriguing features. Together with the official release date, the PlayStation Store is now offering pre-orders.

For a limited time, PlayStation 5 owners can pre-order one of two separate versions of Final Fantasy XVI: the Standard ($70) or Digital Deluxe ($80) Edition. In addition to the pre-order goodies contained in the Standard Edition, players can purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes the official artbook and the soundtrack composed by famed composer Masayoshi Soken.

The “Braveheart” weapon, the “Cait Sith Charm,” and the “Scholar’s Spectacles” are all benefits that can be used to increase your experience points, Gil, or both.

Final Fantasy XVI will likely have a PC release at some point in the future, much like Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade. However, a release date or confirmation from Square Enix for the PC version has not yet been made available.

Even while the latest mainline Final Fantasy games fell short of what diehard fans had hoped for, they did have their share of memorable moments and intriguing characters. Although Final Fantasy XV was a massive undertaking, it was not celebrated to the same extent as series staples like Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy VI, and Final Fantasy VII.

Fans of the Final Fantasy series are anticipating the future game to deliver a similarly compelling role-playing experience due to the fact that it is being created by Naoki Yoshida, who revitalised the MMO spin-off of the series, Final Fantasy XIV.