Fantasy Meets Reality Build Your Dream NBA Team With NBA All-world

Niantic, the company behind such hits as Ingress (which recently turned ten) and Pokemon Go (which is about to enter its second year of operation) has something else in store for fans of augmented reality games.

Anyone who logs into NBA All World is given control of one of 80 different NBA stars and then sent out into the real world to form their own dream team by recruiting other players, competing in online leaderboards, and winning championships. LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers is currently the best player in the game, but the roster also features Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors and Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers.

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Fantasy Meets Reality Build Your Dream NBA Team With NBA All-world

To learn more, we talked to Niantic's senior product marketing manager Andrew Macintosh, who explained how NBA All World adapts Niantic's signature gaming style to the NBA. We discussed the game's new features, such as the over 100,000 basketball courts that serve as in-game locations, the ability to gain certain objects from specific locations, such as in-game money from a bank, and the ways in which you can use those items to better your team.

We also discussed the various modes of competition available to players, from skill-based minigames to the game's signature one-on-one duels, which take place at zones known as Rule The Court. Finally, we discuss Niantic's intentions for NBA All World, both for the first year and beyond, including the addition of players and potential in-game special events.

The NBA All-World mobile app is now available for download on both iOS and Android smartphones. This conversation took place over Zoom, and it has been lightly edited for brevity.

For our perspective on basketball in the real world, we present Andrew Macintosh: NBA All World. In the past, we've used real-world location data to create our own worlds in games like Ingress and Pokemon Go. In NBA All World, however, the goal is to locate actual NBA players in your area, challenge them, recruit them to your team, and level up until you become the dominant force on your local court.

The focus of this Niantic game is on integrating real-world objects and destinations into the virtual experience. Your character can get money from the bank whenever he or she needs it. A retail shop is a place to go if you're in need of clothing, footwear, and accessories. Have you been needing some sort of energy drink? Visit a nearby convenience shop.

One of the most fascinating developments, especially in light of Ingress's infancy, is the effort being made to increase the significance of particular locales. We've had sponsored areas and tried to tie the brand into the game before, but this time we're taking it to a whole new level.

I'm mainly looking forward to playing on actual basketball courts included in the game. We have over 100,000 authentic basketball courts in the game, and our ultimate goal is to have a competitive mode that can be accessed at any court in the real world.

Playing basketball in the game is unclear. Is this a full simulation or basketball-themed minigames?

The genius of Pokemon Go in 2016 was that it made the Pokemon universe accessible to everyone. When the game first came out, everyone got behind it, whether they were die-hard fans or just thought the animals were cute.

We're shooting for a similar effect with NBA All-World by including enough content to satisfy diehard basketball fans without overcomplicating things for casual players. It's not a serious simulation of the sport like 2K's excellent NBA 2K series is; we'll leave that to them. We're looking to shake things up a bit.

In our game, one-on-one duels are the main attraction. It employs asynchronous player-versus-environment gameplay, with leaderboards accessible via Rule You can compete with other players for top honors at any of the Court locations, which are typically actual basketball courts. To earn a spot on the leaderboard, you'll face off against a computer-controlled duplicate of a player who was previously eliminated.

Minigames like Around the World, 3-Point Contest, and First to Five will be played to attract more members of your team. You can expect shorter bouts that are clearly distinct from standard 1v1 competition. Please explain the process through which genuine NBA games will be incorporated into the game. Is there going to be anything extraordinary that occurs?

The NBA Finals, other special events, and even the occasional surprise, like LeBron James breaking a scoring record, can all cause significant changes to the way the game is played in NBA All World.

We're only getting started; after all, we were just discussing how long a game like Ingress can last; as NBA All-World develops, we hope to find new ways to improve and stretch ourselves, but in the meanwhile, we're considering how to adapt to the actual thing by emulating as much of it as possible.

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You cited real-world locations in the game. What distinguishes them from Pokemon Go and Ingress?

You'll acquire the object displayed on-screen just like you would in earlier games, and the mechanics are quite similar to those of Pokemon Go and Ingress. The location will be indicated on the map as a bank, a convenience shop, etc.

NBA All-Star updates past games? How can you locate them? Would users be trespassing if sites required Pokemon Go?

Since all of the information we get from Ingress and Pokemon Go is user-submitted and user-edited, we've been able to include not only more basketball courts but also more retail places that weren't particularly specified in those earlier games but make greater sense for this game.

All of our data is verified by a trusted third party, and while we do make liberal use of publicly available information, we are concerned about the veracity of a small subset of it. A large Trust and Safety group within our organization is aware of the locations and companies that do not welcome such gatherings and meetings in their midst.

A bank or restaurant on a busy street, however, is likely to be secure. I don't think it will be a problem because any new venues we've created, like the basketball courts, are places where people already frequently gather.

Now let's talk about what we can do with our Sixers ticket on game day in Philadelphia. What will we be able to do during the game to celebrate it at the Wells Fargo Center? How will the game respond to the fact that I'm actually at an NBA game?

A spokesperson from one of the NBA clubs once told me an interesting fact: 99% of our fans will never come to the arena. What we do in individual arenas and what we do on a broader scale are both important to us.

First of all, the game features accurate recreations of all NBA arenas, making it impossible to miss the home courts of your favorite teams as you zoom to and fro. You can always have a good time at those stadiums because they are all Rule The Court arenas.

We're still working out the details, but we hope there will be some exciting things going on in the arena during the game. The thought of a stadium full of people playing our game at the same time has always been fascinating; it seems like a perfect opportunity to dominate halftime, for instance.

Build Your Dream Nba Team With NBA All-world
Build Your Dream Nba Team With NBA All-world

It's going to take some time, and before we accomplish anything major, we'll collaborate with several partners. You'll have the Rule The Court gameplay no matter what, and I can guarantee that the spawns close to an arena will evolve soon.

Will there be any media featuring songs or anthems that are unique to each team? To play with Here Come The Sixers playing in the background would be awesome.

NBA All World is one of the first games in which we placed a significant emphasis on licensing music, albeit we are unable to confirm team-specific tunes at this time. We already have music by artists such as T-Pain and Tyga included in the game, but we might use some team-based tunes in the future.

Player character instructions? Do we create our own persona or play NBA players?

For the first time in a Niantic game, players won't be controlling a cartoon avatar but a real NBA star. You'll get to choose your squad, but you'll start out as some random real NBA player scouting for new teammates. Approximately 80 active NBA players from all 30 teams will be available in our simulation. Early on, you'll only be able to challenge and recruit average players; if you go up against Joel Embiid, for example, he'll destroy you and you won't be able to recruit him. It's going to take effort on your part.

NBA All World's sense of development is one of its best features. Players can locate rookies and raise them up the ranks, or they can set their sights on a specific superstar and work their way toward him. No team can succeed with only the best players from the beginning.

It will take months of gameplay to not only have the ability to beat LeBron James, the best player in the game and the hardest to acquire, but also the right rank to beat him. If you come across another player on the map, you can battle them or train with them, but you won't be able to recruit them until you reach a certain level.

How long will progression take? Even with constant play, Pokemon Go leveling is slow. NBA All-World leveling time vs. Pokemon Go?

To date, NBA All-World has a level cap of 20. There's always room for growth there, but I don't mean simply that when I say months and months of earning LeBron. Finding and signing the rest of the team is a breeze.

Even if NBA All World is still difficult to advance in, I enjoy it far more than Pokemon Go because of this. It's not just about gaining experience points; there are other things you'll need to do as well, giving the experience a touch of role-playing game flavor.

Player levels and team standings are the two primary ways to advance. Team rankings will be affected by factors such as how far they walk, how many people they recruit, and how many rings they earn through winning Arena Tournaments within the game.

Players advance in level by gaining experience, completing objectives, and collecting Star Tokens hidden across the area. It's possible, for instance, that you'll need to use Draymond Green three times against Derrick White. Finding other players on the map adds a new dimension of challenge to the game, and we plan to keep adding more of them.

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The NBA Finals will be exciting, and when the draft rolls around, we'll have a chance to acquire some talented new players who, with any luck, will make an immediate impact.

How do Arena Competitions work? Do you have to play with people in your neighborhood, or can you only play at particular places or something else?

Like Remote Raids in Pokemon Go, we may hold arena tournaments in the comfort of our own homes. These are televised competitions held all over the world from actual NBA arenas. Each Arena Pass is tied to an actual NBA team, and during the week there will be a variety of Arena Tournaments for you to participate in.

You'll probably need a Warriors to pass if the event is taking place at Chase Center. The stakes are high in these competitions, but the benefits are high as well, from shiny new items of equipment to the aforementioned rings that speed up leveling.

Similar to how the Battle League operates in Pokemon GO, there will be tournaments for players of varying skill levels, with weekly leaderboards displaying the standings of the top finishers. We've had a terrific time playing these at work; you know you're having a good time when you forget for a moment that this is the game you're supposed to be working on.

The game features 80 active NBA players. Would the NBA add retired Hall of Famers or local legends?

Absolutely! The question of whether or not to include celebrities, historical figures, or professional athletes (such as WNBA players), is the topic that everyone seems to be avoiding at the moment. Although we have nothing to share at this time, rest assured that we have given this a great deal of thought.

Keep in mind that we're still in the introductory phase of the game and that all of our efforts thus far have been directed at identifying the optimal secret sauce.

Rather than approaching the NBA with the idea of making yet another simulation game, we posed the question, What is this game actually going to be? before beginning development. I believe that we do, and we'll spend the first year making sure our plan is carried out as we envisioned it, but I'm eager to learn more about the myths and stories.

Our CEO, John [Hanke], is a huge basketball fan, and he wants to see players like Dr. J, Larry Bird, and others featured in the game. It may be a great teaching opportunity for the younger players, and it's also extremely cool.

Conclusion: We hope you have found all the relevant information about the Dream Team Builder: Assemble Your Ultimate Roster With NBA All-World. For more latest news and information stay tuned with us.

Frequently asked questions

How do you build a NBA championship team?

Championship teams need an All-Star post player. One post man who can block shots helps. Every championship team since Jordan retired had a shotblocker. Second, a team needs two scorers.

What is NBA Allworld?

Free to play, NBA All World is an augmented reality basketball game.
Gamers will be able to expand their player bases in-game, but they'll have to leave their homes to accomplish so. All-Stars like Steph Curry, LeBron James, and Joel Embiid are available to play.