Fantastic Games Done Quick 2023 Cancer Charity Receives $2.6 Million

Fantastic Games Done Quick 2023: This past week was Awesome Games Done Quick 2023, an annual event that showcases speed runs of video games and raises money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. This year’s event featured 150-speed runs and four new records. Since the Florida event had to be postponed due to, well, Florida, $2.6 million was still raised throughout the course of the week.

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Fantastic Games Done Quick 2023

Other than being a monster assault on proper grammar and adverbs, Games Done Quick is a terrific company that enables individuals to play games in record time (see, swiftly) while also earning astounding sums of money for charitable organizations.

After two years at Covid and another year of canceling preparations for a Florida event due to the state’s increased insecurity, the annual “Awesome” incarnation has been without a permanent home in January for three years. (As a Brit living far away, I can only speculate, but as far as I can tell, it is now permissible to be shot dead in the street in Florida if you are not perpetually draped in a Confederate flag while firing at least two guns into the air Yosemite Sam-style.)

Fantastic Games Done Quick 2023
Fantastic Games Done Quick 2023

Given the global cost of living difficulties, the $2.6 million raised at the same event in 2023 is quite astounding. This was due to the fact that viewers were treated to an amazing selection of speed runs, which included four world records, as reported by our Australian sister site.

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Super Mario Galaxy 2, uh, Steven Seagal Is The Final Option, and yay, PowerWash Simulator were the games in question. The latter only lasted 33 minutes and 31 seconds, yet it took me around 348 weeks to get halfway through it. The dates of the Summer Games Done Quick(ly) are May 28โ€“June 4.

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Frequently asked questions

Is GDQ in person this year?

Awesome Games Done Quick 2023 Returns in Online Form

Although we would dearly want to attend in person, we have come to the conclusion that in order to host an event that is both friendly and secure for everyone involved, it is in everyone’s best interest for us to move it away from its original intended location in Florida.

Where is GDQ hosted?

Please keep in mind the COVID-19 Policy that we have! Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our policy before you come to the event so that we can ensure the safety of everyone who is attending. The DoubleTree Hilton Bloomington-Minneapolis Hotel, which can be found in Bloomington, Minnesota, will serve as the venue for this event.

Is Konami making a comeback?

A comeback for Konami with the terrifying Silent Hill and other major games

It would appear that Konami views 2023 as the year of its “return” and anticipates significant developments in the industry. Earlier on in the year, it was announced that a number of other “Silent Hill” video games are now in the production stage.

How much does GDQ donate?

According to the official website for Game Done Quick, AGDQ 2023 had 150-speed runs and raised a total of $2,644,770.41 from 39,857 donations from 21,519 contributors. The number of participants also increased from the previous year. There was a maximum gift of $100,000, donations averaged $66.36, and the median donation was $25.