How the Next Fallout 4 Game Can Fix Bethesda’s Map Issue

Fallout 4 Game Bethesda Map Issue: Bethesda’s Map Issue: Adding many maps to travel between could be the solution to Bethesda’s obsession with making Fallout’s maps bigger with each iteration.

The upcoming Fallout game has the chance to fix a major issue with the maps of Fallout and similar Bethesda titles. In the past few years, open-world games like Fallout have been steadily outdoing one another, with each new release setting a larger scale standard.

The weaker examples of this genre tend to have open worlds that are devoid of life and filled with meaningless busywork. However, a novel approach may be the key to fixing Fallout 5’s open-world layout.

The Fallout games are role-playing video games set in post-apocalyptic America. The Fallout titles, originally developed by Interplay and now owned by Bethesda Softworks, are among the most influential role-playing games of all time.

Currently, there are six games in the Fallout franchise, and production on an Amazon Prime series based on the games has begun. Fans are eagerly awaiting more details about Fallout 5, the next game from Bethesda following Elder Scrolls 6. However, there is still one issue that Fallout 5 must fix: the expanding scope of the brand.

Games like Fallout that offer a persistent universe have followed the trend of creating ever-larger and more intricate maps to flaunt their graphics power.

Unfortunately, this is proving to be more of a detriment than an advantage, as larger areas necessitate the addition of more content to prevent the game from seeming empty. In this case, the answer is not necessary to shrink the world in size, but rather to divide it up into smaller parts.

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Fallout 4 Game Would Feel Bigger with Three Smaller Maps

Certain restrictions have been included in every Fallout game since the very first one. Players who choose to take on the role of a ghoul or super mutant in the Fallout tabletop RPG, for example, will have to look elsewhere, as the human protagonist is the only playable race in the major games.

In addition to these problems, the game is severely hampered by forcing the player to stay on a single map that only encompasses a small portion of a single state until additional downloadable content is purchased.

Fallout 4 Game Bethesda Map
Fallout 4 Game Bethesda Map

This is good for the most part, but if the Fallout games are going to keep increasing their environments, then a middle ground must be found so that the player isn’t left roaming for hours on end without any meaningful encounters.

While Fallout 4’s world map was a slice of a single state, the upcoming sequel could feature two or even three separate regions that the player can freely navigate between. Multiple states, or even just a single massive state like California or Texas, might be represented on such a map.

What DLC maps like The Pitt in Fallout 3 do for their respective games expand the universe, making it feel even bigger and the plot more epic; having three maps around the same size would do the same for the game. Instead of launching the largest map in the series history and trying to make it feel full, it would be much easier to make three smaller maps feel occupied.

How Fallout 4 Game Can Use Several World Maps?

In Fallout 4, the Brotherhood of Steel grows, and with them, vertibirds become increasingly widespread. The bigger benefit of joining a faction in Fallout 5 is access to the other two or more maps through the use of the faction’s vertibirds.

It would be a refreshing change from previous games in the franchise, and it would provide gamers with a unique approach to exploring the world of Fallout 5.

Expanding Fallout 5’s environment and adding more depth to the story might be accomplished by integrating the game’s many maps into the action and development of the game itself, rather than treating them as an afterthought or DLC addition.

A more aggressive version of the conflict between the NCR and the Legion from Fallout: New Vegas would allow players to witness how different locations respond to the same event.

Despite New Vegas’s many positive qualities, the player is never given the opportunity to experience life in NCR or Legion territory, other than through the perspectives of a few supporting individuals.

The conversation with Cass in New Vegas about how the NCR deals with raiders versus The Legion is informative for understanding the war from a merchant’s perspective, but the player has no frame of reference for it.

Fallout 4 Game World Map Separation Drawbacks

This technique might disrupt Fallout’s primary gameplay. Fallout’s dismal settings and grim humor date back to the original game. Half the fun of each Fallout game is the long excursions through the desolate, lonely countryside, where a side plot can be discovered by chance.

Splitting the map into three smaller portions may prevent this from becoming monotonous, but it increases the possibility of quest clutter. This would ruin the desolate experience by adding another side mission. Any huge new idea for a game series has potential negatives, yet it’s typically needed to stay relevant.

Fallout 76’s lore-ruining retcons and unsuccessful live-service implementations have seasoned players worried about Bethesda’s future plans. Splitting the map into three smaller open worlds could be the franchise’s great new innovation.

Fallout has weathered a bankrupt producer, a decade without updates, and a relaunch by a larger firm that put the franchise in a new direction.

Original dev team members are still working, on making Fallout: New Vegas, which Todd Howard praises. Fallout is in different hands and may stay there. Fallout 5 implementing several maps right off the bat may be what the series needs to continue without fans becoming bored of the IP for good.

Fallout 4 Game Final Words 

The globe is devastated and contemporary civilizations are wiped off on October 23, 2077, as a result of a worldwide nuclear war. Almost a century later, in the year 2161, the protagonist of Fallout is a Vault Dweller who spent his whole life in Vault 13, one of several subterranean fallout shelters constructed to safeguard survivors from nuclear war.

Fallout 4 Game Frequently Asked Questions 

Will Fallout 5 come?

Recent Developments. After the release of Starfield in 2023 and The Elder Scrolls 6, Todd Howard of Bethesda Game Studios told IGN that Fallout 5 will be the studio's next project.

Is Fallout 4 ok for a 12 year old?

There is a lot of strong languages, blood and gore, and drug use, so I wouldn't recommend this for kids. Those are just part of the game and can't be avoided. This is an outstanding open-world game, where you can explore at your own pace and interact with the environment and NPCs in a wide variety of ways.

Is Fallout 1 free now?

In honour of its 20th anniversary, Fallout 1 is currently available for free on Steam.

Does Fallout 4 have an ending?

Depending on which of the game's main Factions you sided with, you'll reach one of several possible endings in Fallout 4. In Fallout 4, you can choose to align yourself with one of four main groups and help determine the future of the Commonwealth.

Does Fallout have an ending?

The Fallout, a film shown on HBO Max, provides an important lesson on the reality of trauma with a sad ending that prevents Vada from fully recovering.