How to Utilise the Fallout 4 Console and All of Its Commands?

 Fallout 4 Console: The game will now play under your rules. All Bethesda titles, including Fallout 4, allow players to change their experience through the use of console commands.

These instructions are commonly used by programmers to try out the game and various situations without having to launch the editor. Games like Fallout 4 leave these things in because Bethesda wants users to use their creativity to make the games better.

To access the game’s console, hit the tilde key. The tilde is the key to the right of the number 1. The codes should be entered precisely as they appear in the tables below, with the appropriate identifiers and numbers replacing the ones in brackets. Before entering a command that will affect surrounding characters, you can always select them by clicking on them.

When using the console, you can enter commands without worrying that you’ll exceed your computer’s RAM limit and crash the game. If you use the console command to, say, detonate many atomic bombs at once or make dozens of NPCs battle each other, your computer will likely use a lot of memory.

Listed below are all of Fallout 4’s console commands.

Fallout 4 Console commands and cheat codes

These are the commands that allow you to alter the game’s settings and freely navigate the world. You want them when you’re trying to find a god-mode cheat or anything similar.

If you are having trouble locating a specific item in Fallout 4, try typing coc a smoke into the console. This will bring you to a room containing every item in the game.

Command Effect
coc [location_id] This teleports you to any area you put in. Just enter the id of the location.
csb All blood and damage effects will be reset.
fov first-person FOV Changes the field of view to first-person.
fov third-person FOV Changes the field of view to third-person.
getav CA_affinity This will show the affinity level of the companion you have traveling with you.
kill [ID] Put the ID of the character or creature you want to kill. No matter where they are, they’ll die. If the character is nearby, just click on them with the console open and type Kill.
kill all Everyone in your loaded area will die. If you have companions nearby, they’ll fall to the ground injured and can be brought back with a stimpack.
modav CA_affinity [number] This will add the number you set to your current companion’s affinity level.
player. add item [item ID] [number] This will add whatever number you picked off the item you picked to your inventory.
player/additem 0000000a [number] Adds whatever number you picked to your bobby pins.
player/additem 0000000f [number] Adds whatever number you picked to your bottlecaps.
recycleactor This will reset the character you clicked on.
Resurrect [ID] Put the ID of the character or creature you want to bring back to life. This does not bring back any limbs.
set timescale to [number] This will speed up or slow down time, depending on the number put in. 16 is the game’s day and night speed, while 1 is the speed we have in real life. 5,000 will make a great timelapse.
setav CA_affinity [number] This will set the affinity of your current companion to whatever number you put in.
setscale [1 to 10] This will change whatever you click on to grow giant or normal-sized.
Sex Change This will change the gender of the character you clicked on.
tai This will turn off the AI, and everyone will stand still with a blank expression.
tcai This will turn off all hostile actions, effectively ending all war in your world.
Tcl Turns Collision off, so you can go through buildings or into the sky.
tfc This activates the free camera, so you can move around the area and look at anything you want.
tfc 1 This activates the free camera but freezes all animation. This keeps everyone in place and can be used to set up screenshots.
tgm You cannot be hurt or die.
tm This turns the HUD off, so no menu or UI. Unfortunately, this also affects the console, so you’ll need to blindly activate the console and type them again to get it back.
unequip all This will unequip all items from the NPC you clicked.

Fallout 4 Companion IDs

All of the pet-related commands are tied directly to the corresponding IDs. A friend’s ID will appear when you click on them while the console is open. However, this can be challenging if they are not conveniently located nearby.

Companion ID
Cait 779305
Codsworth 0001ca7d
Curie 001ca7d
Paladin Danse 0005de4d
Deacon 00045ac9
Dogmeat 0001d162
John Hancock 22615
Robert MacCready 0002a8a7
Nick Valentine 00002f25
Piper 0002f1f
Preston Garvey 0001a4d7
Strong 0003f2bb
X6-88 0002e210a

Fallout 4 faction console commands

Following these orders, the status of each group’s allies, neutrals, and opponents will change accordingly. By doing so, we can also join or leave certain characters in particular groups. If you want to see some bloodshed, feel free to lead a group of Brotherhood of Steel members straight into a Minutemen outpost.

Command Effect
player.AddToFaction [facion ID] [0 or 1] Adds the player to a faction. 0 will be friendly, and 1 will be allied.
player.RemoveFromFaction [faction ID] Removes you from whatever faction ID you chose.
removefromallfactions Removes whoever you clicked on from all factions.
Removefromfaction [faction ID] This will remove whoever you clicked on from a specific faction.
setally [faction ID] [faction ID] [0 or 1] [0 or 1] Forces two factions to be friendly or allied. 0 for friendly and 1 for allied.
setenemy [faction ID] [faction ID] [0 or 1] [0 or 1] Forces two factions to be neutral or enemies. 0 for neutral and 1 for enemies.

Fallout 4 faction IDs

These Fallout 4 faction IDs should be used in conjunction with the corresponding console commands. No matter how ridiculously you try to play the game after switching factions, the game will not crash.

Faction Faction ID
Acadia xx000000
Alien 001f6113
Alien2 0023b858
AJ’s 00128cef
Atom Cats 48641
Virgil’s 000addf7
Bullet’s Gunner 00106ca3
Children of Atom Crater of Atom 134270
Children of Atom Hostile xx02fb84
Covenant 000f0c6a
Diamond City security 00002f65
Disciples xx00f438
Eddie Winter’s Old crime 0014bf23
Forged 0013101d
Gunners 58303
Ironsides’ robotic crew 0008c9db
Merchant business 1.34E+10
Nahant robot 0007ee3f
Neighborhood Watch 000e1acc
Operators xx00f439
The Pack xx00f43a
Pillars of the Community 000bbf88
Raiders 0001cbed
Recon Bunker Theta Brotherhood 000b3d7d
Rust Devils xx004385
Scientists 0022d9ee
Scientists 0022d9ef
Scientists 0024800b
Synths 249966
Synths 249967
Triggermen 00083ad0
Vault 81 guard 0004f4a4
Zao’s 0018e8c0
Brotherhood of Steel 0005de41
The Institute 0005e558
Commonwealth Minutemen 68043
The Railroad 000994f6
Bug 000267bf
Bug 28670
Creature 00022b31
Ghoul 00028fd6
Ghoul 000361d2
Yao guai 000b3d82
Radroach 000edce1
Bloodbug 000edce2
Bloatfly 000edce3
Stingwing 000edce4
Eyebot 000edce5
Deathclaw 0001e722
Player 0001c21c
Non-hostile 0001d289
for Captives – Friends with everyone 0003e0c8
Ownership for Min03 0005238b
Actors in this are temporarily unavailable 0007d565
Holdup 000f8f07
Combat Zone Crime 0010699f
Missionaries (guards) 00123a16
Enemy of REPrisionerFreedCombatPrsioner 148903
Enemy of captor combat 148904
Danse BoS Enemies 001b513d
MS07c Raider 2.17E+09
MS07c Raider 002141a9
MS07c Nick 002141aa
Outside of the Institute of Crime 0024903b

Fallout 4 quest console commands

It’s best to skip the quest or ignore the minor objective because missions frequently freeze and bug out in Bethesda games. It’s possible to complete any quest by using these console commands. Using this method, completing quests is a breeze.

Using the console command to finish the game will reset the game to the current save. To finish the game, it would take the side of the Institute, Brotherhood of Steel, or whichever party you were currently helping.

Command Effect
caqs This completes the game.
completeallobjectives [Quest ID] Complete all objectives in quest.
completequest [Quest ID] Completes the quest typed in.
getqc [Quest ID] checks to see if the quest is complete.
movetoqt Moves player to quest target.
resetquest [Quest ID] Resets any quest typed in.
showquestlog Shows the quest log, including everything the player has already completed.
sqs [Quest ID] Lists all quest objectives.

Fallout 4 Console commands that customize the player

You can alter your character’s abilities, attributes, and appearance with the following console commands. Changing your player character’s appearance, for example, to that of an insect, increases the likelihood that the game may crash. Use it exclusively to alter one’s abilities and outward appearance.

Command Effect
player.modav [skill] [number] Boosts a skill by the number you picked.
player.resethealth This will reset your health.
player.setav [trait] [number] This will change a trait to a new value.
player.setav [trait] [number] Whatever number you pick will add to your running speed.
player.setlevel [number] Boost your level to whatever number you pick.
player.setrace [race ID] This will change your race to whatever you pick: bug, mutant, etc. This will usually crash the game.
setgs fjumpHieghtMin [number] This will set your jump height minimum. Just like Superman, you can leap over a building in a single bound. Unlike Superman, falling from that jump will kill you.
showlooksmenu player 1 Opens the customization menu so you can change the way you look.
tdetect The AI will ignore you.

Fallout 4 Console Final Words 

The best way to use the Fallout 4 console commands. In Fallout 4, the in-game console can be accessed by pressing the tilde key on the keyboard, located above and to the left of the “1” key. If the tilde doesn’t function on your keyboard, try the apostrophe instead.