Unlock the Secrets of Fable 4: An Epic Adventure Awaits!

The fourth installment of the Fable series is on the way. Depending on the timeframe we’re in, it might be called either “Fable” or “F4ble.” Nonetheless, a brand-new Fable is on the way. Playground Games, developers of the Forza series, are now in charge of the Fable franchise in place of the defunct Lionhead Studios, exchanging ray-traced racing vehicles for the euphoric fantasy of traditional English speech patterns.

Just over two years have passed since Microsoft announced Fable’s comeback at the 2020 Xbox Games Showcase. Nothing has happened since then, except for a cruel Twitter bait-and-switch that wasn’t even meant to be mean. No matter when we learn more about Fable in the unknown future, 2023 or later, we’ll compile it all here. Everything we know about Fable 4 is given below.

Fable 4
Fable 4

When is the Fable 4 Release Date?

Although we don’t know for sure, we suspect we have a while to wait. Fable 4 could be a year or more away, given we’ve just seen a brief teaser reveal so far. Microsoft effectively did an Elder Scrolls 6 by surprising us with a short cinematic trailer that concluded with a title over a massive view. The voiceover narration and brief skit helped build the mood for this Fable 4 preview.

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Here’s the Fable 4 Reveal Trailer

First things first have a look at the reveal trailer that Playground Games showed at the Xbox Games showcase in July of 2020. The lack of specifics suggests that this is just a fun cinematic and not a really telling preview of the final product. However, it does have that classic Tolkien feel, with the fantastical elements being ground down by the gritty realism of medieval existence. This is still a stupid fable.

What Will Fable 4’s Gameplay be Like?

Playground Games, developers of Forza Horizon, are indeed in charge of making Fable 4. It gives some validity to the allegations we’d heard regarding the game’s alleged twist on the Fable mechanics.

Eurogamer reported in 2018 (link opens in new tab) that Playground has been working on Fable 4 for several years with a crew of around 200 on an open-world action RPG. Playground expanded into a second facility in Warwickshire just for this project, so don’t expect a low-budget version of Fable.

In 2021, Phil Spencer said, “Fable’s clearly […] always been a little more light-hearted and a little more British, I think I could say, and I think Playground will keep it there.” Not much is learned from that, although it does appear to suggest that Fable’s comedy is likely to remain consistent.

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