The Ultimate Guide to Catching and Evolving in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!

Evolving in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Gen-six Once again, players have the opportunity to add a formidable fire and flying-type threat to their team with the return of Fletchling in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Some players are having trouble locating the Pokemon, despite the fact that neither capturing it nor evolving it is particularly difficult.

Talonflame, Fletchling’s ultimate form, is widely regarded as one of the most overpowered Pokemon ever. Talonflame’s Gale Wings ability made it unstoppable, and it easily defeated nearly every opponent in Pokemon X and Y.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet have it significantly weaker, but it is still useful addition to the team for the story. Each stage of a Fletchling’s life cycle occurs in a unique location in the Paldea region.

Given this, it’s important to stress the importance of knowing where to catch this Pokemon and how to evolve it.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Places to Look for Fletchling in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

In the southern parts of Paldea, such as South Province Areas One, Two, and Five, you can catch fletching. The area south of Cascaraffa, all the way to the South Paldean Sea, and then back up north to Mesagoza is typical habitat for Fletchling.

Fletchinder, an evolved form of Fletchling, is also catchable throughout most of this region. Fletchinder can be caught in the wild in the vicinity of Medali and its gym leader, Larry, as well as in the shared habitat they both share.

Methods for Developing Fletchling

If you catch a Fletchling and raise it to level 17, it will evolve into a Fletchinder, and if you raise it to level 35, it will evolve into a Talonflame.

When it comes to the conditions necessary to set off evolution, none exist. There is no required item to evolve into this form, unlike Pokemon like Arcanine.

If players want to complete their Pokedex, they must catch all three forms of Fletchling. However, this is not a requirement. Talonflame can also be caught by players in the wild in Area Zero.

The final mission in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet features multiple locations where the Pokemon can be found, giving players the option to use a different Pokemon if they so choose.

Do You Think Talonflame Is a Powerful Pokemon?

It’s no secret that Talonflame is no longer a formidable Pokemon. The Pokemon was a major threat in Pokemon X and Y, but it has been severely weakened by the changes introduced in Sun and Moon.

Talonflame’s success was driven by its Gale Wings ability. Because of this special ability, Talonflame’s flying-type attacks, such as Brave Bird, always hit first. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, this ability is much weaker and only activates when Talonflame has full health.

As long as you’re sticking to the game’s story, Talonflame is fine, but it has limited use elsewhere. It’s too weak to be useful in five- and six-star Tera Raid fights and so hasn’t made its way into the competitive scene.

Efforts to use it as a Tailwind support mechanism has failed, as Kilowattrel has proven to be more effective in that regard. Until then, players should focus on other flying classes. Both Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet have just been released for the Nintendo Switch.

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