Jim Boylen, Bulls

Orlando’s magic was embarrassed by the Atlanta Hawks after the poor second-half effort led them to lose a 10-point break advantage. Evan Fournier, the team’s leading scorer, called a spade a spade after his team sank 101-93 to Hawks (7-27).

“It’s terrible,” said Fournier, according to Josh Robbins of Athletics. “A terrible loss. A terrible loss.

Perhaps most worrying is how the Magic of Hope for the Playoffs allowed Trae Young-less Hawks to defeat them. Reserve point guard Brandon Goodwin set off on a career record of 21 points in 22 minutes, receiving plus 22 in a short time on the court, which changed the outcome of the game.

Second-year points were never scored in double digits in the NBA game … until Monday against Magic, when he made 7 of 11 from the floor, got three rebounds, completed six assists and added two interceptions and a blocked shot for good measure.

“There is no disrespect for him – I don’t even know him – but this reserve point guard, he had a huge impact, perhaps the best game of his career,” said Fournier. “We cannot allow those guys who are not even in the team to simply influence us and dominate us.

“Credit to him. He played well. But, nevertheless, this should never happen. Never.”

Hawks lost 10 games in a row before running into Magic to finish skidding on Monday. Magic (14-19) has won only three of its last 11 exits and is now rapidly dropping out of the playoff competition, leading the Chicago Bulls in only 1.5 games in the race.