Escape From Tarkov Trailer: 0.13 Patch Reveals Stunning New Streets of Tarkov Map!

Escape From Tarkov Trailer: The long-awaited trailer for the 0.13 update to Escape From Tarkov has arrived, revealing new gameplay features, a completely new map, under-barrel grenade launchers, and several additional guns. This massive update has many players overjoyed, and rightfully so.

With its unforgiving mil-sim mechanics and cutthroat PvPvE gameplay loop, Escape From Tarkov helped define the extraction shooter genre when it launched as a closed alpha in 2016.

Since player progress and inventory are reset, and the game’s world is forged anew with each substantial patch, the ebb and flow of Escape From Tarkov works on wipes.

In June 2022, a wipe was implemented alongside a new Lighthouse map, a more robust offline co-op mode, a slew of new weapons, and a slew of bug fixes and visual upgrades.

The time between patches is ripe for player speculation as the next wipe looms large due to the lack of communication between Battlestate Games and its fan base.

Fans predicted when the 0.13 patch for Escape From Tarkov would be released, and now Battlestate Games has released a trailer showing off several new weapons on the Streets of Tarkov map it has been working on for years.

The Streets of Tarkov, the ninth playable map in Escape From Tarkov and the game’s most ambitious map to date, were first teased in 2020. (with a scrapped map version shown as far back as 2018).

The two-minute clip captures why it has taken so long to realize the map, which is a sense of scale and verticality unlike anything seen in Escape From Tarkov’s playable spaces.

Even though a release date wasn’t included in the trailer, we can assume that the patch will be released soon because Escape From Tarkov has a Twitch Drops event scheduled for December 29. There have been numerous pre-wipe events throughout December.

The trailer also showcases the Steyr AUG, Ash 12 revolver, and SR2MP weapons in addition to the Streets of Tarkov map. Fans paying attention have also noticed that the clip’s final frame hints at the new Lighthouse Keeper NPC and trader.

The 0.13 update to Escape From Tarkov will include many new features and content, and Battlestate Games does not want any of it spoiled.

Several fans are lukewarm about the announcement because of its trademark air of mystery; they wonder why much time and energy was spent building up to something they already knew would happen.

The 0.13 update for Escape from Tarkov has been met with resounding acclaim. Although some players felt the game had become stale in 2022, they still hope that its unique combination of a clean slate and a new map will revitalize it (imitators notwithstanding).

Though only time will tell if all the fuss is justified, fans of Escape From Tarkov seem unfazed by the lack of a letdown. There is now a PC version of the classic game Escape From Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov Trailer
Escape From Tarkov Trailer

New Escape from Tarkov map is shown in the latest gameplay trailer

The trailer for Patch 0.13 of Escape From Tarkov was released today by developer Battlestate Games. The Streets of Tarkov, one of the game’s most anticipated maps, would finally be included in the patch.

That would make it the game’s ninth playable map, with Town, Suburbs, and Terminal still locked out. Though the map’s specifics are still sketchy, we can glean quite a bit from the teaser. To begin, the area covered by the map appears to be no more than a couple of city blocks.

Possibly as many as four blocks in size, at the very least. The streets and major roads of the city are the main focus of this map, as the name would imply. Roads, automobiles, and buildings characterize most of this map’s urban setting.

If my recollection is correct, this is our first look at Tarkov proper. Players will spend most of their time wandering the city’s streets, but they will also have access to some of the buildings’ interiors. Though we may not be able to go inside every installation, we will explore many different attractions.

Apartment complexes, convenience stores, workshops, and hotels can all be seen in the trailer. Because the map’s loot is probably housed inside various structures, players will have to traverse the map from building to structure in search of plunder.

Players can engage in firefights at any range, from close quarters to long distances. Battles at medium and long ranges will occur on the streets, while close-quarters fighting will occur primarily inside buildings.

Whether the game is played mostly outdoors or indoors will dictate how the players should outfit themselves. Players are shown using under-barrel grenade launchers in the trailer. We’ve been getting tips about this attachment, which will come in handy on these streets.

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