Experience the Ultimate Escape From Tarkov Patch Notes: New Wipe and Map Revealed!

Escape From Tarkov Patch Notes: Battlestate Games has revealed that Patch 0.13, which includes the Streets of Tarkov map and a reset, will be implemented on December 28, 2022. Before the start of maintenance, BSG provided patch notes. I’ve reviewed the update notes and pulled out your most salient points. The patch notes kick off with some new map context:

This revision extends Tarkov to the area around Primorsky Avenue and Klimov Street. Various pieces of urban infrastructure, such as a defunct factory, a hotel, a news agency, an apartment complex, a car lot, a shopping mall, and a movie theatre, can be found in this area. The city will be further developed after this initial phase is complete.

The map will eventually feature multiple bosses, but they won’t be present in the initial release. There will also be a new kind of street extraction that requires you to fire a green flare as you get close to it. If you don’t, artificial intelligence snipers at the extract will start shooting at you.

Escape with Tarkov Patch Notes
Escape with Tarkov Patch Notes

New content:

  • Escape from Tarkov new map: Streets
  • One part of the city of Tarkov. The map covers the intersection of Primorsky Avenue and Klimov Street.
  • This map has various points of interest:
      • Abandoned factory
      • Pinewood Hotel
      • News agency
      • Concordia residential complex
      • Car dealership
      • Terracot Business Center
      • Cinema
      • Sparzha Supermarket
      • Other small buildings
  • The developers hint that this location will be expanded in the future
  • Repair kits and enhancements
  • Weapons, body armor, and plate carriers can now receive standard or rare improvements when they are repaired using a repair kit
  • Enhancing items unlock once players reach level 10 in Weapon Maintenance for weapons or Light Armor and Heavy Armor for armor.
  • Rare enhancements are only applied at the elite level of the respective skills
  • The level of the skill decides the chance and strength of regular enhancements
  • Enhancements on body armor and plate carriers reduce the damage the character takes
  • Weapons can have two enhancements
      • Malfunction chance
      • Accuracy increase
    • Enhancements only remain while the items have unquestionable durability. Once the equipment receives repairs, the enhancement disappears.
    • Enhancements affect transaction prices (trader price, insurance, Flea Market Fees)
    • Intelligence affects repair point amount when repairing
    • Mad durability loss from using repair kits depends on the individual skills, if applicable.
  • New Skills
    • Light Armor
      • Higher levels reduce mobility penalty, reduce max durability loss when repairing, and reduce damage from melee weapons when hit on the armor
    • Heavy Armor
      • Higher levels reduce mobility penalty, reduce blunt damage to armored parts, and reduce max durability loss when repairing.
    • Reworked Charisma
      • Affects insurance prices, paid extract prices, replacement of operational tasks, Scav Box price, and Therapist’s healing services.
  • Weapons and Equipment
    • GP-25 “Kostyor” 40mm underbarrel grenade launcher
      • For all AK family of automatic rifles
      • Needs a barrel mount
    • M203 40mm underbarrel grenade launcher
      • For all AR-15 families of rifles
      • Needs the proper barrel length and compatible handguards
    • SR-2M “Veresk” 9×21 submachine gun
      • SR-2MP Upgrade Kit
      • KP-SR2 sight
      • 20 and 30-round magazines
    • Steyr AUG A1 and A3 5.56×45 Assault Rifles
      • Various modifications like grips, scopes, and more
      • 10, 30, and 42-round magazines
    • Glock 19x 9×19
      • 19, 24, and 31-round magazines
    • RSH-12 12.7×55 Assault revolver
    • other new equipment
  • New Stimulants
    • Obdolbos 2
      • Sanitar’s new homemade drug
    • SJ12 TGLabs
      • Slows down body functions, heightens energy regeneration
      • Lowers body temperature increases the perception
      • Increases body temperature after effects expire
    • Perfotoran (Blue Blood)
      • Removes toxins, poisons, and radiation damage
      • Speeds up metabolism and regenerates tissues
    • Trimadol
      • Increases combat characteristics and relieve pain
    • PNB (Product 16)
      • Reduces damage taken, increases tissue regeneration
  • Co-Op PvE expansion
    • New settings available
      • No Energy and Water drain
      • Bot Configuration
      • Spawn point selection
        • All in one place
        • As online
        • 2 teams
      • Weather condition options
        • Clouds
        • Fog
        • Rain
        • Wind
      • Time Configuration
  • Hideout
    • The shooting range received two new upgrade levels. These upgrade levels let players set up various shooting targets. This includes moving targets.
    • Players also have access to a training program which should help improve shooting accuracy
  • Voicelines
    • Added new voice lines for the following bosses:
      • Killa
      • Tagilla
      • Knight
      • Birdeye
      • Big Pipe

Various changes

  • Rebalance of weapon mastering progression
  • Rebalance of trading and prices
  • New barter items
  • Rebalanced conditions and rewards in old quests
  • New quests added
  • Some quests in the quest chain become available after some time once the previous search is completed
  • Improvements and changes to the hideout
  • Spawn points for some quests were changed
  • Items are now in one of the various random places located near each other
  • Players can receive Hideout crafting recipes as quest rewards
  • New extraction now available in the Streets of Tarkov
    • Players need to fire a green flare cartridge in the area before approaching the exit
    • Failure to do so will make the snipers shoot the player if they approach the exit
  • Players now have a favorites tab for crafting recipes
  • Players can now search crafting recipes by name
  • Bot weapons can now malfunction
  • Rogue Bosses have improved behaviors
  • Updated the localization for Chinese, Czech,  Italian, and Polish

Graphics and Sound

  • Added support for FSR 2.1
  • Optimized draw distance of various types of glass
  • Optimized decal rendering
  • Optimized long-distance tree rendering

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There are now abilities for both light armour (to mitigate the penalties of wearing it, such as reduced mobility and increased wear when repairing) and heavy armour (to grow the damage one can do with melee weapons) (reduces mobility penalty, blunt damage and wear of armour when repairing).

The patch notes don’t reveal any information that could help you level up your heavy or light armour skills other than maybe repairing them. Additionally, the Charisma skill, which impacts the cost of insurance, paid extracts, operational tasks, the price of the Scav Box, and the Therapist’s healing services, was reworked by BSG.


The BSG team announced earlier this year that they would discontinue Steam Audio’s support. This set of notes reveals that a replacement, Oculus Audio, has been developed. Binaural sound, which is enabled by default, is highly recommended by BSG.

The new audio positioning system is only playable on the Factory, Customs, Woods, and Streets of Tarkov, as stated in the update notes. Additionally, they note that future updates to other maps will enhance their ability to locate and display ambient noise.


Many bugs have been addressed, from bushes making a noise on the loading screen to bots not mourning the deaths of their comrades. One change that has me scratching my head is “fixed an issue where already looted containers were left open to other players.”

I had always assumed this was supposed to be a mechanic that alerts players that someone else has already explored a given area.

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