Escape from Tarkov Console: Will the Tarkov Experience Soon Be Available on Xbox and PlayStation?

Escape from Tarkov Console: Popular on PC, Escape From Tarkov is a post-apocalyptic Russian setting for the persistent survival shooter genre. Is there any word on whether or not Escape From Tarkov will be a console release?

Since it created its subgenre, Escape From Tarkov stands out among shooters. In favor of a granular realism that lets hardcore fans pave their path, the game forgoes quality-of-life decisions that make games less punishing and more enjoyable for casual audiences. Is there any chance of a console release for Escape From Tarkov? It’s currently PC-only.

Escape From Tarkov Console
Escape From Tarkov Console

Escape from Tarkov Console: Is It Happening?

The good news is that players who don’t have access to a PC can still enjoy Escape From Tarkov, as a console release is being considered.

Game director Nikita Buyanov stated in an interview in 2020 that a console release of Tarkov is in the plans, and that they are actively talking to several publishers about a potential console release, but there has been no official, concrete announcement of Battlestate Games’ plans to bring the hardcore shooter to Xbox and PlayStation.

There has been no other official word or announcement regarding a console release of Escape From Tarkov, so this remains the only word. It is unknown when this proposed console version will be revealed, as the game is still in beta with no general release date known.

Is there a set date for the release of Escape from Tarkov Console?

However, despite rumors and evidence suggesting that a console version of Escape From Tarkov is in development, no firm release date has been set.

Since the game is not yet on Steam and can only be purchased through the official website, it is unlikely that it will arrive before the game reaches version 1.0.

Due in large part to optimization issues, the Streets of Tarkov map is still missing from Escape From Tarkov. Therefore, current performance issues may prevent a console release.

Does This Method of Evacuating the Tarkov Console Work?

Many players, both active and prospective, have doubted that Escape From Tarkov could be successful on console because of its extreme complexity and the possibility that it wouldn’t translate well to a controller.

Some gamers claim it wouldn’t run smoothly on today’s consoles, but while that’s true, it’s ridiculous to assume that next-gen systems like the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 couldn’t handle it.

The theoretical challenge comes from the difficulty of the game’s controls and the restrictions that would need to be placed on the game’s mechanics to make them work with a controller.

You can only imagine how much more difficult Tarkov will be to play with a controller, given how games like Rainbow Six: Siege already restrict controller players by removing key inputs like leaning without aiming due to a lack of buttons.

We’ll have to see what solutions Battlestate Games comes up with for the aforementioned issues in the event of a console release.

All the information you need to know about a possible Escape From Tarkov console release has now been provided, including the latest release date details and an examination of whether or not Tarkov could be adapted for console play.

However, if you’re using a PC and have no idea how to get Escape From Tarkov, check out our handy guide here.

How to Download Escape From Tarkov

If you want to know how to get your hands on the adrenaline-pumping action game Escape From Tarkov, you’ve come to the right place.

One of the best first-person shooters currently available, Escape From Tarkov is a mashup of the looter shooter and battle royale genres developed by Battlestate Games.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about obtaining Escape From Tarkov for your PC.

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