Escape From Tarkov 0.13 Patch Trailer Takes Players on High-Stakes Adventure!

Escape From Tarkov 0.13 Patch Trailer: New gameplay features, a completely new map, under-barrel grenade launchers, and several additional guns are all showcased in the trailer for Escape From Tarkov's highly anticipated 0.13 patch.

Fans of Escape From Tarkov are overjoyed by the latest patch, which has been called the largest one to date. With its unforgiving mil-sim mechanics and cutthroat PvPvE gameplay loop, Escape From Tarkov helped define the extraction shooter genre when it was released in closed alpha in 2016.

Since player progress and inventory are reset, and the game's world is forged anew with every sizable patch, the game's ebb and flow are based on wipes. Escape From Tarkov has undergone several significant additions and shakeups.

In June 2022, a patch was released that wiped the game and added the Lighthouse map, a more robust offline co-op mode, new weapons, and a slew of graphical and performance enhancements.

Battlestate Games' lack of transparency with its player base has led to widespread conjecture among players in the lulls between patches, with the prospect of a server always reset in the back of their minds.

Escape From Tarkov 0.13 Patch Trailer
Escape From Tarkov 0.13 Patch Trailer

Fans predicted when the 0.13 update for Escape From Tarkov would be released, and now Battlestate Games has released a trailer showing off the new weapons that will be available on the Streets of Tarkov map that has been in development for years.

Streets of Tarkov, the ninth playable map added to Escape From Tarkov, and by far the most ambitious was first teased in 2020. (with a scrapped map version shown as far back as 2018). The two-minute clip exemplifies the map's difficulty by showcasing scale and verticality unlike anything in Escape From Tarkov's playable spaces.

Although a release date was not included in the trailer, the constant stream of pre-wipe events throughout December and the announcement of a Twitch Drops event for Escape From Tarkov on December 29 suggest that the patch's launch is imminent.

The trailer also showcases the Steyr AUG, Ash 12 revolver, and SR2MP firearms in addition to the Streets of Tarkov environment. Fans with sharp eyes may have noticed a hint of the new Lighthouse Keeper NPC and trader in the clip's final frame.

Battlestate Games does not want 0.13's new features and content to be spoiled because, as is typical for Escape From Tarkov, there is a tonne of extra stuff. Some fans are unenthusiastic about the announcement because of the trademark air of mystery surrounding it.

They wonder why so much time and energy was spent building up to something they already knew would happen. The 0.13 update for Escape From Tarkov has received widespread acclaim.

There is a contingent of players who feel the game slowed down in 2022, but they are hoping that a server reset and the new map will revitalize the genre-defining title (imitators notwithstanding).

Fans of Escape From Tarkov are experiencing a perpetual state of optimism, but only time will tell if their expectations are justified. The PC version of Escape From Tarkov has been released.

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