Roadhog Gets a Dose of His Own Medicine in Epic Overwatch 2 Showdown!

Epic Overwatch 2: The pig tank from Overwatch 2 has been made to taste his own medicine. Using his dreaded Chain Hook attack, which draws his foe close to him, Roadhog has been the bane of many players' existence since he was introduced in 2016.

Used frequently by Overwatch 2 players to drag their enemy to their death from a great height. Many of the game's heroes have undergone revisions since the launch of Overwatch 2. A major example of this is the recent overhaul of Roadhog and Zenyatta.

As a fearsome tank, Roadhog has always been, but his Whole Hog Ultimate ability left him open to attack before it was changed to a Transform Ultimate. Because of this, after using Whole Hog, Roadhog is free to employ his other abilities.

Epic Overwatch 2
Epic Overwatch 2

It's hard to take down Roadhog, what with his self-healing and immunity to losing his Ultimate when he's stunned. The Support hero Zenyatta has 650 less health than the Avatar, so it's important to keep your distance from the enemy even when your shields are up.

Fortunately, in the same patch that bolstered Roadhog's abilities, Zenyatta's Snap Kick was added. In the video, which was posted to Reddit by user rifleman_, Zenyatta uses her signature Snap Kick to knock out Roadhog.

The video, which Zenyatta has titled “Dedicated to everyone who got hooked into the water on Rialto,” features excellent comedic timing and a satisfying sense of release as she exacts her vengeance.

Zenyatta can swap out her melee attack for a powerful kick that sends her foes flying with her passive ability, the Snap Kick. A brutal Zenyatta strategy against MEKA Base demonstrates its efficacy.

Although Zenyatta's Snap Kick is incredibly effective, some Reddit users commented that they never use the ability, demonstrating the hero's versatility. Some have said that, despite her more challenging play style, Ana is the safer character to take.

While some of Zenyatta's new cosmetics have upset Overwatch 2 players, her new Snap Kick has made her a much more vicious hero. Due to the dynamic nature of Overwatch 2, every hero has the potential to become the best option at some point.

With his lightning-fast attack speed, powerful Transcendence Ultimate that can heal 300 health per second, and now his powerful kick, Zenyatta is arguably the most powerful character in the game at the moment. Overwatch 2 can be purchased for the PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox One S right now.

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