The Perfect Invasion: Elden Ring Player Creates Lady Maria Bloodborne Character!

Elden Ring Player: A player in Elden Ring playing as the adored Lady Maria was invaded by another one of Bloodborne’s famed bosses.

Players taking on the identities of characters from other properties in Elden Ring’s PvP matches are nothing new but rarely do the stars align so perfectly as they have here.

Both the original Bloodborne and its post-launch DLC, The Old Hunters, received widespread acclaim from critics and gamers alike.

The fantastic bosses in the DLC are a big reason why people still think it’s some of FromSoftware’s best work. If you exclude Living Failures, the remaining four offer unparalleled confrontations enhanced by gorgeous music and stunning visuals.

Lady Maria Bloodborne Character
Lady Maria Bloodborne Character

The Soulsborne people hold Lady Maria in high regard; she is a hunter who uses her blood to protect the secrets of the Fishing Hamlet while waiting atop the Astral Clocktower.

Death Metal 1 uploaded a video to Reddit that shows a clone of Lady Maria strolling along the coast of the Weeping Peninsula. With two Katanas at the ready and clothing that appears like it was stolen from Lovecraft’s Yharnam, the intruder stalks the land in quest of food.

The host, who has been dubbed “the Orphan of Kos,” is revealed to be the mysterious individual seen gazing out into the lake. The Orphan is the child of Kos (or Kosm, as some would have it) and she or he will emerge from the womb of her dead mother when the player draws near.

After hearing that the body of a Great One had been found near the Fishing Hamlet, a party of Hunters and scholars from Byrgenwerth traveled there.

Maria was racked by remorse after they mutilated Kos for its eldritch blood, and she ended up in the Hunter’s Nightmare, where she has been trying to keep her sins a secret ever since.

The threat posed by the Orphan of Kos remains unchanged, despite the dozens of ideas that have been put out to explain whether or not it is genuine or merely a product of the dreamer’s imagination.

The next battle is a wonderful example of role-playing on display. They act identically to the terrible boss, the actual Orphan, only they brandish Curved Greatswords in place of the placenta.

The host likely uses the Frozen Lightning Spear incantation because it sounds like a cool way to create lightning during the spell’s second phase.

While dodging the Orphan’s attack, Lady Maria skillfully executes a Bloodhound Step, from which she launches a well-placed Bloody Slash and, finally, a fatal jumping attack. Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S is Elden Ring.

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